[MODIFIED] - D2D <> GIV 50k Token Swap

GM! :sun_with_face:

I would like to propose that Giveth does a $50k value Token Swap with Prime DAO(D2D) and create a 50/50 - GIV/D2D LP position on Balancer on Mainnet. We will use Prime DAOs new tool, Prime Deals, to facilitate this token swap. Funds will be used from our liquidity multisig on mainnet.

Swapped tokens will be bridged to Gnosis Chain and deposited into a 4/6 burner multisig(A multisig made for just this single purpose) where we will create a 50/50 GIV/D2D LP on Honeyswap. Once the LP is made, half of each of the minted LP tokens will be sent to each respective DAO, any remainder will be sent back to the participating DAO (D2D to Giveth and GIV to Prime DAO).

Get Primed for this Deal

Giveth and Prime share common cause in creating tools and platforms for DAOs to thrive. This deal seeks to highlight our shared goals and solidify it with a token swap and LP.

Giveth is a community focused on Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology. Our intention is to support and reward the funding of public goods by creating open, transparent and free access to the revolutionary funding opportunities available within the Ethereum ecosystem. Giveth’s mission is to build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world. :earth_americas:

PrimeDAO provides crucial infrastructure and accessible tools within the DAO ecosystem for incumbents and new players. This allows for making DAOs more resilient through cooperation and community. Prime DAO’s mission is to enable DAOs to build a stronger ecosystem across web3. :globe_with_meridians:

Part of Giveth’s core roadmap is to bring on projects and public goods that are creating positive impact in the world and provide them with a flow of tools and education in ReFi and Decentralized Governance. By this process we gradually bring boots on the ground initiatives into the DAO space and eventually create a token economy around the value they provide. Prime DAO’s tooling to empower DAO-2-DAO coordination and collaboration thus seems like a perfect fit for Giveth’s vision. A token swap between our two organizations seems like a no-brainer! :brain: :handshake:

If you want to learn more about Prime DAO you can check out their website.

Whachy’all think?

  • Yes! I’m primed for this one!
  • No Mitch, I have concerns and/or comments
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I fully support this! Although small, a D2D<>GIV pool on mainnet will unlock some protocol owned liquidity. As we push away from renting liquidity through farming, owning more and more pools will put us in a much better position.

The Deal is up on Prime Deals if you want to check it out!

Snapshot vote is up!