Moenick's Role Proposal

Hi Givethers;

It’s Moe Nick. Came around at the March 2021 when Amin reached me out, and I was at home then and recovering after a bad disease called NSIP, so I was not busy and accepted to join, and all of a sudden, I found myself in a middle of loving and caring family.

My story:
I used to do programming from high-school in .net framework. I started learning Economics and M.A. in Finance and I also get an MBA from outstanding universities in this part of the globe, but besides, working in software companies was always appealing to me. Even at the time I was studying, or drafted by military, working with this companies was part of my life, so I can say I have near 20 years of experience in software companies, mostly in FinTech. Different technologies, different cultures, different sizes, enterprises and startups, I failed lots of projects and won some. I sold out my successful fintech to a unicorn and I got fired from that too :slight_smile: Most of all, I was responsible to run a team, a company or enabling a software business, I can call myself a Product Manager which have to have leadership on different aspect of a project, Tech, Ops and Business side, as well as UX. I attached my CV for you to get to know it better if you’re interested.

My Role:
In Giveth, teams are shaping and the company is at its early stage, I think my mission for companies at this stage is just to serve the teams, trying to remove blockers and sit aside Devs, Ops and stakeholders as a facilitator and see what will happen. So my role at this stage is called Scrum Master (or project manager if it’s not following scrum) for well-known companies, they just follow-up and try to sync parts of the project according to a plan. But I do I love to be Product Manager right after the teams and processes get their formation and get stabilized. So I can get the responsibility of a running business. So I attached my contract with my role as Product Manager.

I really love to have your comments and get more engaged about real world outside the dev teams. So please forget about “MoeNick” and try to forge the role itself, It’s important to have all ideas of this role, rather that thinking who can take it. :slight_smile:

My CV:

My Contract:

Do you accept my role and contract?

  • Yes.
  • No, needs more changes

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Looks great Moenick! I just made some suggestions for punctuation. Really happy to have you part of the team. I think you do a great job of being open-minded while adding your experience and skills to Giveth… And I see you all the time looking for more ways to improve! We’re lucky to have you :slight_smile:


Hi Moenick! Would you be able to add a vote to this proposal? I am in charge of making sure our forums have the proper design now and you can just ask if it looks good with a “Yes” vote or have people vote “No, needs more review” on your proposal. Feel free to do this whenever you feel final edits have been made to the proposal :slight_smile: It looks great!