New PAN Payment Process!

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, it seems our old PAN Payment process is overdue for a revamp!

Here were some of the issues that came up with the old process:

  • The old formula captured contributions that didn’t seem to accurately represent amount of work done - especially for Devs and Product contributors.

  • One to two people would review and manually adjust these scores, but it’s impossible for one to two people to know how everyone contributed, especially as Giveth has grown and our Working Groups have expanded

  • This manual adjustment was time consuming and inaccurate

  • SourceCred data seemed to have some errors, or reward certain Working Groups more than others

  • New members wouldn’t get always get added immediately, and thus wouldn’t be earning PAN that we’d like to reward them

  • Past members that had stopped contributing we’re still getting PAN, because of the formula we were using and SourceCred rewarding past contributions with cred

We tried to mitigate some of these issues for the last two payment periods by having all Working Group Stewards meet and discuss adjustments to the cred scores. However, this was still extremely time consuming and many stewards expressed that they felt unqualified to adjust members scores that they hadn’t worked closely with. Giveth is growing and developing, so our PAN payment process will too!

During the meeting with Working Group stewards, many ideas were brought up and a popular idea among many was the idea of having a PAN allocation for each Working Group, and the Steward of that group will delegate the PAN. This eliminates a need for a meeting among all Stewards and filling in numbers for members they haven’t worked with, utilizes their knowledge of who contributed (old and new), and is simpler than the process before.

To ensure fairness and a more equal distribution, a Working Group with 3 contributors will receive half as much PAN as a working group with 6 contributors - it won’t be an equal amount of PAN for each Working Group, rather the total PAN will be divided by contributors and a proportional amount will be allocated to each Working Group, to be distributed by the Steward.

If a Steward feels they have contributors that haven’t done much and don’t deserve as much PAN as the Working Group has received, the Steward can chose not to delegate the PAN and to leave it in the Giveth reserves, to be used in future rewards. This is a rare case and hopefully won’t happen, as our Working Groups are all generally pretty busy - but it is an option.

Other Details:

  • We will try this out for the next payment periods and see how it goes, please be open about any questions or criticism
  • I will generate a list of Working Groups and Contributors to determine how much PAN will go to each group
  • Working Group Stewards should keep in mind that PAN rewards for non-regular rewards members should be relatively higher if this is their only form of payment
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Ashley brought up a concern that it might be hard to know who is in a period until the end of the period. If someone is added to a Working Group or starts contributing mid way through a period, the Steward can let me know and I will adjust the PAN allocations accordingly before the end of the period. However, the Steward should be cognizant of how long someone has been contributing, because if it is only for one week of a 4 week period, it makes sense for that to be reflected in the PAN reward for that contributor. This will be left up to the discretion of the Steward.

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