Onboarding FLII attendees to Giveth

GM team!

TL;DR: We are in very good terms with the FLII team (Latinamerican Impact Investing Forum) and we have an open door to incentivize donations through Giveth from their attendees, which is composed of impact investors and impact makers.

I’m looking for feedback and ideas on how to make the best out of it.

Key links:
Website - FLII | Latinamerican Impact Investing Forum

Sponsor deck - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-EU81zRL-yKjaXOPfSw_kWsrWymlPyj/view?usp=sharing

Earth 15K, Air 30K, Water 50K, Fire 75K


I met the person organizing the FLII at an impact event late in September. She already wanted to do something with NFTs and maybe donations, after chatting about web3 for good projects, she asked me to be an advisor for her to incorporate more web3 into the conference.

The FLII is the biggest event around impact investing and impact making in LATAM & one of the biggest worldwide. Their audience has a lot of heavy-weight actors in the space, about 1/3rd impact investors, 1/3rd ecosystem enabling organizations and 1/3rd entrepreneurs.

The opportunity

Here are a few things that I’m trying to make possible with Caro (the FLII organizer) for Giveth, without sponsoring.

  1. Having a talk or panel for Giveth.
  2. Suggest a dynamic to allow attendees to make donations to projects on Giveth.
  3. Ticket(s) for IRL exposure to impact investors, ecosystem-enabling organizations & entrepreneurs at the conference.
  4. There is goodwill to find other ways to collaborate, so we can get creative.

The idea is suggest something to Caro & let’s see how we can make it a reality

There are also sponsorship opportunities, but I don’t think we are in a place where this is an option.

Please share any idea you have to get positive outcomes from this partnership.

IMO, this is a great opportunity to have impact investors and impact makers learn about Giveth and use the platform. Therefore, I’ve focused on getting a talk and a dynamic to onboard attendees to Giveth, since Caro was already interested in having some donations from the FLII.

There are many ways we can go about this and here is where I want your ideas and feedback.


  • We need to justify this partnership without sponsorship, so we need to focus on the impact and the projects, not on Giveth and be strategic with our ask.
  • Tickets are already being sold. We need to act fast.
  • The event is from Feb 28th till March 2nd (Same time that ETHDenver unfortunately). So we don´t have much time and part of the team will probably prioritize ETH Denver.

Incentives that we could offer.

  • POAP & NFTs
  • Match their donation through own funds, partners (FLII and others), sponsors or matching pool.

Here are a few ideas

These are things that we can suggest, but it is all pending on approval.

1. Make an simple pre-event campaign through FLII comms to encourage attendees to donate through Giveth.


  • We could use FLII comms to reach out to the full attendee list.
  • We can react & pivot if things are not working that well.
  • We could show the results at the talk and make the impact more tangible and relatable as they would be part of it.
  • They are nudged to come to the conference already with a wallet and with GIVbacks (many of the attendees are not onboarded on web3 yet).
  • We could get their contact info.


  • It’s challenging to get people onboarded to web3 with impersonal comms.
  • It will require some effort & work.

How could it work?

  1. Insert a blurb and a CTA in the FLII’s communications journey.
    “Make a donation with an upside… FLII has partnered with Giveth to allow our community to donate $10 USD to non-profit projects. We will match the donation, so project will get $20 USD. But, as a donor, you will get up to $8 USD worth in the GIV token… learn more about how your donation can yield you profit with Giveth [link to a form]” (Change the CTA if we don’t offer matching funds)
  2. FORM:
    2.a. Create a short explanation video embedded in the form.
    2.b. Get key info (name, organization, email),
    2.c Ask if they have a wallet
    2.c.I. If they do ask for their wallet for a POAP
    2.c.II. If they don’t, teach them the easiest way (maybe metamask and fund it in the wallet). Then ask for their wallet for a POAP.
    2.d. Teach them how to make a donation.
    2.e. Congratulate for becoming a donor.
  3. Airdrop POAP

2. Create an activity at the conference. For example, treasury hunt.
Print QRs for projects and a few key ones for the activity and place them in different places of the conference.


  • We can show most features of the Dapp.
  • Gamified.
  • We could show the results at the talk and make the impact more tangible and relatable as they woud be part of it.
  • We could get their contact info.


  • Most likely a low percentage of attendees will participate.
  • No feedback and opportunity to react and pivot till the conference.

How could it work?
Treasure hunt activites

  1. Prove you have a wallet and funds (If not teach how to)
  2. Make donation to project.
  3. Claim from a landing page some GIV. (emulating GIVbacks, because that would happen 2 weeks later)
  4. Stake and lock tokens for GIVpower.
  5. Maybe use budget box.
    Give POAPs for each process.

Other ideas are encouraged…

Poll time…

  1. Should we further incentivize donation to make it a “no brainer” with a matching?
  • No, the GIVbacks are incentive enough especially for non web3 people.
  • Only if someone else sponsors the matching and we don’t waste resources on it
  • Let’s try to find a sponsor/partner that covers partially or totally the matching, even if it means spending time on it.
  • Let’s use our matching funds
  • Each lead we get could be a potential investor or high level partner, let’s use our own money.

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Which of these ideas sound good to you?

  • None, it’s not worth the time.
  • Pre-event campaign taking advantage of the FLII comms.
  • Event treasure hunt
  • Let’s do both and try to capture as much people as possible
  • I have a different idea

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I really need your collective intelligence here…

@Cotabe great stuff and super thoughtful stuff. I really like the treasure hunt idea to make it “fun” to get into web3 and not as some feedback suggests, “a challenge for newbies”

For the actual event, how is the set up going to look? Besides trying to give a discussion, and place the QR codes in strategic locations, would it be possible to have an actual booth?

I also do like the creation of a specific FLII POAP or NFT, but my concern there is that I am not sure a non-web3 community will understand what either are or get as excited about it, as they won’t really know what either are…so sticking to more web3 entry level items would be more beneficial, i.e. assisting with wallet set up, GIVbacks (money talks always haha) and donor matching incentives (again money talks)


@tropicalmango I think this forum post / topic fits your awesome background in marketing, as well as maybe you could provide some successes lately from your “intro to crypto / web3” campaign, which could be used in Cotabe’s effort to find the best ideas to activate in this non-native crypto / web3 event :slight_smile:

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@Cotabe @JakeS from my experience onboarding people into something that isn’t super intuitive/ easy like web3 is best done with a walkthrough, like taking people by the hand and showing them how it’s done directly (not just giving them instructions on how to do it via email b/c people will bail if it’s hard or confusing).

So, a couple ways we “take them by the hand” so we have a higher chance of success with onboarding:

1. Create a LIVE webinar event - create an offer for them to get onboarded - in this case it could be make a donation to support for good projects and getting rewarded with GIVbacks “free money”. The webinar would do a brief overview of our “offer”, about giveth and literally walk them step by step on how to do it. The recording would be available and pushed out via email afterwards and there would be a limited time to claim the offer (scarcity) so people take action and there’s an urgency to it. I’ve seen this done successfully in a lot of Web 3 communities when it came to minting NFTs for the first time like Raol Pal’s community and Gary V’s community. They both had very successful launches.
2. **Dedicated Discord Channel - offer follow up support via our discord channel for any questions or troubleshooting. This gets them to join our community and also makes sure they’ll take us up on our special, time limited offer. Support needs to be amazing.
3. Onboarding at the Booth (can include gamified element with prizes but optional bc/ they already get rewarded with GIVbacks )- at ETH barcelona DoinGud had a scavenger hunt/ prizes for joining their platform. It included a leaflet with a QR code for the scavenger hunt and swag giveaway, @OyeAlmond do you know if it was successful for them or not?
4. As a complementary push, do a step by step email showing them how it’s done using Giphs (so it’s visual and written instructions). I think it’s nice to have a LIVE option but not everyone will be able to make it. Also a couple reminders and last call is good since it’s time sensitive but I’m not sure how many emails they’ll let us push out?
5. Presentation on Stage- ideally we setup a funnel sending them to dedicated landing page explaining the offer. This converts better and guides them through the process versus just sending them to our website and not guiding them through the process. The slide with the call to action would have the QR code they can scan and a link as well (sometimes QR codes don’t scan well from stages at conferences, so we would want both).

Wdyt? If you need me to dive deeper on any parts just let me know :slight_smile:

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@JakeS p.s thanks for pinging me on this ! :slight_smile:

Also @Cotabe if you need support with this initiative I’d love to work side by side with you on this, especially b/c it’s LATAM stuff :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your thoughtful comments & engagement @JakeS & @tropicalmango,

I think there are great insights here and I appreciate your disposition to support further. Implementing the insights & advice would be easier with a small task force that defines a detailed action plan.

About the booth, I think it would be very hard to justify getting a booth without paying a sponsorship. But my Mom always says “You already have the NO, try to get the YES”.

The LIVE webinar is an interesting idea to explore.

I think Discord is good for support, but onboarding them on Discord on top of everything else would be challenging too.

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We are going to need to make an effort before hand to onboard projects that this audience wants to support.

Whichever direction we go, that should be a priority.


yeah, researching the most popular projects that people support in this event, onboard the to Giveth on a 1:1 basis, and create a fundraising/comms campaign with them w/ the message “We’re part of the FLII & thanks to Giveth, we’re part of the Web3 & social impact space too”


I agree this is important. But I’m not sure how to assess which projects they would like to support. Probably from LATAM as it is in the name. I will brainstorm with Caro.

Anyways, I’m aiming to onboard between 10-30 Spanish-speaking projects in the next 2 months.


I just updated with a the link of the FLII, a link to the sponsorship deck and an image with the main packages and the pricing of each 15K-75K

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I had a hard time answering the second poll without knowing what kind of physical presence we will have at the event. Do we have an estimate? the biggest problem is the conflict with ETHDenver

No estimate yet. From the calls where we have discussed it, I don´t think many people are considering going.

As you said, I believe most of the team plans to be at ETHDenver. But here are a few people that I think could add a lot of value and I would love to know where are they standing on this: @Griff @mitch @mateodaza @karmaticacid @WhyldWanderer @yass @tropicalmango @JakeS @OyeAlmond @cquinterom096 or anyone else that would like to raise their hand.


I would have gone if it was quite literally any other week, ETHdenver is impossible for me to skip

I’m in the same boat as Griff, I’ll be at ETH Denver, but it does sound like a good opportunity.

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hey @cotabe thanks for the invite, but I won’t be able to make it. I hope others on the team can fill in!

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Thanks @Cotabe for this proposal! It’s really cool. I don’t have an american visa so I (for the second time) have to sadly skip ETHDenver so would love to plan on this :slight_smile:


wish this wasn’t 4-5 flights away, at the quickest, cause I would be right there with ya swinging for the fences :frowning:

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I’m so sad so many of you amazing people can’t make it @Griff @karmaticacid @JakeS @tropicalmango

But it seems like a great team is starting to form for it: @mateodaza @brichis and myself.

We are starting to get a good representation.

On another topic, I will be meeting Caro from the FLII tomorrow. She is talking about the talk or a panel for Giveth as a given.

But as you know, my focus is to also add an activity for the FLII audience to use Giveth.

My proposal is the Giveth Donor Onboarder (which could be rebranded to The Commons Hero or something else). It’s a “simple” gamified micro-site… Where Giveth curious people come in and Commons Heroes are made.

They would be hand-held through 5 missions, from the basics to the expert level:

  1. Connect your wallet.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Make your first donation.
  4. Boost projects with GIVpower.
  5. Curate projects based on your expertise (BudgetBox).

Here is an idea of how could it look Giveth donor onboarder - Google Präsentationen

@JakeS and @brichis have already left some great comments. But rather than working the specifics, right now I would like to see if people think this is a good idea to start pushing it forward with her or if you have a completely different idea…

@cotabe I responded to your comment in discord - can we keep one place for discussion?

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