PAN Payouts through Oct 15th

Hey Giveth Contributors, aka GIVETHERS!

I’ve gone through all the PAN Traces and payments to figure out how we can get everyone their PAN without it being trapped behind the $300 value limitation on TRACE disbursements.

Here is the spreadsheet of how I can pay out the PAN rewards from the Giveth 2 Campaign.

And here is the breakdown:

  • Everyone highlighted in GREEN, I will distribute to your Trace shown unless you tell me otherwise today!
    ** This is because you already have PAN in your Trace so we want to top it up and get it in your wallet :slight_smile:

  • Everyone highlighted in RED, you have PAN in your Trace shown, and I can distribute to it, but likely that will not get you above the $300 limit for disbursement (unless we can get PAN price line go UP!)
    ** Please check out your payment row and note the very last column which estimates what your value will be after this next distribution.
    ** I suggest we add a PAN bonus to get you up there, some are so close… any thoughts please REPLY to this post!!

  • Everyone highlighted in YELLOW, you have no PAN in your Trace… we should probably come up with a workaround to get this PAN to you.
    ** With the exception of those in Orange (Lauren), who will receive enough to be disbursed if we choose to do that.


I’ve sent out what made sense to do already! Hit your Collect buttons :money_with_wings:

For those who had no PAN in TRACE and would be under the withdrawal limit:
Can we make a single TRACE to move all the PAN to Aragon, does it work on xDAI?
If we can’t move it to xDAI then even if we make a single TRACE to one person to get it out, we just move the transaction cost from Giveth to that person.

Looking for ideas for how to get the PAN out of the POT and into your wallets of Fire for giving some Gitcoin Grant Love (or whatever you want to do with your reward, lol)!

I would say there’s some cat herding involved, I think you’re safe to go ahead and create a TRACE - persons this apply to I’m assuming are in yellow on the sheet you posted? They are as follows:


what do you guys think? can we lump it all together and bridge to xDAI then distribute? Or does it need to be sent to MATIC to donate to Gitcoin? does PAN exist on MATIC? I’m okay with whatever plan to bridge


I believe this is the one, although really low on liquidity QuickSwap Info

Ok, if someone can clarify what the next steps are, it’s not clear to me after reading this post and comments.
I already have a Trace that has not PAN in it. Do I need to create a brand new Trace and if so, why?
Or I don’t need to do anything?

A bit lost here :confused:

There’s a limit on TRACE… so you can’t collect funds if their value is less than $300, because the gas cost to Giveth is too much. So since you have no PAN on your current Trace, they’re figuring out another better way to distribute your PAN.

Even if it gets donated to your current trace, you won’t be able to collect. You definitely do not need to make a new Trace.

Mitch is suggesting to pool together everyone’s PAN allocations who is in a similar boat, bridge it xDai or Matic and distribute accordingly.

@mitch @Danibelle I just checked in w @Griff

This seems the easiest, cheapest and best solution:

  1. We should combine everyone’s PAN together (who has not already been distributed) and send it all to a new trace with Griff as the recipient.
  2. Then, we just need to determine who wants it on zksync to donate, and who wants it on xDai to hodl or cash out…
  3. Then he can bridge to xDai or send to zksync and disburse.

Please let’s not use TRACE for new payments… unless we have to (as in the case of people who have some PAN stuck there) because the gas is really just too expensive now.]]]]]]]]]]]

@mitch I don’t think PAN has much liquidity on Matic
@danibelle we can’t move PAN to aragon because our DAO is on Aragon and TRACE is on mainnet


OK thank you - this TRACE has been created, funded and disbursed:

@freshelle would this be something you can assist with, getting the addresses for each person to receive the amount shown in the Trace now that the full amount has been disbursed to @Griff ?


Thanks for clarifying @karmaticacid
I’d definitely want on zksync if possible so that I can donate on gitcoin.

Let me know if I need to do anything else.

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Sure thing! Will reach to the people listed here, and coordinate with Griff about it.

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