Partnering with Ironhack?

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Proposal description:

Should we partner up with Ironhack?

Ironhack is forming new talent in web dev, UX/UI design, data analysis and Cybersecurity. Their value proposition is high-quality training in trending tech careers and support to find amazing work opportunities.

We have amazing work opportunities…

Key aspects of this partnership:

  • It’s free
  • No commitments

Proposal Rationale
Oftentimes, Giveth has bottlenecks in key areas like UX/UI design, front-end & back-end development. We have diverse talent needs: full-time, part-time, on-demand and decentralized building.

Ironhack is a source of talent globally in the industry. They are always looking for good opportunities for their talents.

I consider this is a natural partnership. There are no fees, no commitments and no partnership template. This is a white canvas and we can find the best way to collaborate. The only thing that they ask is to inform them if we hire or collaborate with any Ironhackers for their internal stats.

Here are a few ideas that I discussed with Joseza from Ironhack Mexico last week:

  1. Give us access to their Ironhackers talents database to see if any fit profiles we need. (I already shared it with Heather)
  2. Share with them open positions to share forward with Ironhackers. (Probably not the best fit for recent graduates)
  3. Share specific needs for on-demand and decentralized tasks. :space_invader:
  4. Talk in webinars for Ironhack Mexico, Latam and global about Giveth and web3 opportunities :heart_eyes:

They are very interested in partnering up as currently the only web3 partner that they have is Bitso, a crypto exchange that is very web2. Also, she stressed that many ironhackers are tired of working in traditional 9-6, hierarchical organizations.

An important thing to consider though is that most Ironhackers looking for opportunities have a junior profile.

Should we explore this partnership?

  • Let’s DAO it
  • I have some comments
  • I don’t think is a good idea… I will write my objections

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Hey Cotabe! I think it’s worth exploring a little more… Sounds like they are kind of like a talent agency for recent grads - would you say that’s accurate?

I think that from our side, inviting them into our discord to explore a little - jump into perhaps the community AMA calls, etc. - would be really cool because I love the idea of supporting young talent on their way into web3… it’s not like your standard web2 world and there are different paths to entry.

I also think partnering with them to shareabout web3, blockchain4good & Giveth in any talks in webinars is a fantastic idea.

I think the positions we’re hiring for right now are predominantly senior/leadshership roles - especially with the arrival of the :bear: - so I don’t think we can make any promises to hire new contirbutors for fulltime rolls but we can definitely create a free, no commitment partnership & establish lines of communication.


Following and supporting @Cotabe’s proposal and @karmaticacid’s great feedback.

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I completely agree with the comments!

I wouldn’t call it a talent agency, but rather a dev. (web dev, UX/UI design, data analysis and Cybersecurity) training program. Their core business is in training, finding job opportunities for their trainees is an extra service. But profiles are mostly jr. I agree this is not the best fit for full.time hiring.

I am more excited about helping talent find those new paths into web3, giving webinars for talent, and bringing talent both on-demand and contributing as external collaborators.

Hey! Thanks for writing this proposal :slight_smile:

I have a couple questions;

  1. What are the specific bottlenecks in UX/UI, front-end and back-end development that you are referring to? I’m wondering if we need to improve our processes and streams of work, rather than adding resources.

  2. Is Ironhack an agency? I’m totally keen on sharing open positions with them and having a larger talent pool. However, we have traditionally preferred to work with individuals rather than agencies.

  3. This is a comment, rather than a question. But, yes! I support more speaking opportunities for Giveth. And I’m also very happy to invite the Ironhackers to explore our community.

Hey Hanners, thanks for your questions. Let me try to answer them as best as possible.

  1. There are currently plenty of new issues and ideas like improving the notification center, recurring donations, enhance APIgiv, cart projects, givbacks user flow, redesign advance search, MLA (multilevel accounts), advance on givepower, new verification process inside the platfotm, onboarding users, tracking the users and probably others. I know our team is working hard to bring this to live. But I believe we can descentralize the development of some of this things. I would love to see people start contributing with this things On-demand specially if we start using Dework for which I wrote another forum proposal

  2. Ironhack’s core business is training talent, they are not an HR agency. But they have partnerships with businesses and organizations interested in these talents.

  3. YEAH!! :star_struck:

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I wonder why it would be called a “partnership” if it just involved searching for folks in their network for jobs?

Thanks for this @Cotabe !

I think we could always use a good pipeline of developers. However, we need to be clear on their expectations of us. Mainly, 1) We don’t have a ton of roles at the moment (especially not entry level) 2) The team doesn’t have much bandwidth to train.

If it’s hands-off and we don’t promise too much, I think it’s fine, but we just need to be clear on things. I think we can promise them that 1) We’ll have a look at any candidates they refer us if we have an open roles for them 2) If they want to get involved or get web3 experience & learn how DAO’s work, they’re welcome to join our Discord, jump in some of our calls and start contributing (it would be an easier sell once the praise reward system is up and running)

Hey @Suga, the idea is to go further than that. For example, giving webinars about Giveth, Blockchain4good, decentralized development, web3.

They usually need to present a graduation project with an organization. They could develop something for us. It is usually unpaid, but we can decide whether we would like to compensate for that.

@aabugosh I completely agree on the importance of managing expectations. My feeling from the conversation with Joseza is that there isn’t an expectation of hiring X amount of trainees, rather to develope a partnership organically, if we don’t need some of their talent full time no problem. If they can do their projects with us great. If at some point we need talent with their skills amazing.

I think it could be particularly interesting once we have the reward system up and running or the bounties manager.

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Thanks for the added info @Cotabe !

They could use our bounties (once we have them set up) for their students to complete as part of their training.
I’m also interested to teach and mentor on Web3 Design (when available).

If we’re going into a “partnership” of any kind I believe we should agree on some “terms”, both time investment in these talents should guarantee us something, i.e. 1-2 year hiring contract or similar.

Thanks @markop. I think I was trying to ask a question along these lines previously, as in: what would the partnership be? Is this something official with a contract (terms), and we have to wear the Miss Giveth crown to Ironhack events and whatnot? :joy: How official is this, and what does that entail?

I’m grateful they had the Community Spotlight yesterday! Still need some clarity of what the “officialness” is of the partnership.

I like your ideas, @markop. I’d love to hear what some other experts say! I’m along for the ride.

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Thanks for the comments!

Yes, I’m excited to pair this opportunity with Dework & I think having your mentoring would be gold for them.

About the “terms” (& sorry if I didn’t understand @Suga) I believe there is a lot of interest and flexibility from Ironhack especially to open the doors for their trainees to jump into Giveth. Also, maybe doing projects with us and training in our products.

Specific contracts, I believe should be discussed with the trainees/students rather than the organization. They are the ones that choose.

I will arrange a call with Heather & Joseza. Anyone interested @markop @Suga could join to bring some ideas into the “terms”

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