PASSED: Amin's Role Proposal

Hello Unicorns!

I am Amin, software engineer/developer/designer and I have been working in industry for about 12 years.

About 3 years ago I become more familiar with blockchain and find it hugely enthusiastic as a non stoppable, distributed and evolving platform. Luckily I could join Giveth and be onboarded to Giveth Trace project. Therefore in last 2-3 years I have been holding the position of software developer and team lead at Giveth.

Till now, I have been involved in projects of Trace,, Commons Stack Membership, Bridge family products and GIVeconomy till now. Also, I am had been successful in building a team consisted of developers and a product managers in Middle East region.

Here is my role proposal:

Feel free to take a look, suggest any changes or edits, and add any comments you wish to share!



You have done so much to build Giveth into what it is today. You’re a critical thinker, a team player, always happy to help. I love the way you built out the team in the Middle East, bringing so many high-vibe rockstars into our community. It is a huge pleasure to work with you both because you are a great dev and because you always make me smile :smiley:

Let me vote!!


You have a great leadership attitude that I love to work with you,
Thanks for supporting DEVs all the time and building the middle east team


I admire your way of thinking, your attitude and your leadership. I know you have your skin in the game, you are the one who formed the Dev team and put Giveth as your priority. Even at weekends, family times, mid-nights or vacations. Tough enough not to give-up, and open enough not to make barriers of entries for anyone, trying to serve the team as a leader and consider Giveth as his owned company, make him a stakeholder rather that a contributor.
I think the terms and responsibilities in the contract are great except managing dApp campaign financials. Me and Amin had this debates before. I strongly think HR Admin works should be transferred to somebody else than a leader. Contributors should follow financials from somebody else. On one hand, it make him busy with not related stuff, on the other hand, It might silence the voices inside the team, make the devs fear not to say objections or pretend to be present.
Generally said, I think leadership is important enough, no to get confused by a supervisor work.


Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your comments on my role proposal. Now, your vote is the decisive factor in accepting it. Please express your agreement/disagreement by voting. I appreciate if you give your feedback if your answer is no

  • Yes
  • No, need more review

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Amin your consistency and dedication to Giveth has been unwavering. Responsiveness to requests, critical thinking in evaluating issues and suggestions, A+. It has been a pleasure and a joy to see your evolution and growth in leadership, speaking your perspective, and engaging with the community internally, especially in governance and on Discord. Thank you!!

Passed Dec 14, 2021:Aragon