PASSED: Cherik's Role Proposal

Hi Dear guys,
I am Cherik. I began programming when I was 11(about 22 years ago). I found a QBasic (Quick Basic is a programming Language) Learning book in my father’s library. In those days, only very few people knew about programming and there was no internet access, and the only friends that showed me the way were my books.
As next steps I have learnt Visual Basic, C, C#, ASP.Net, Python and Javascript. Now I’m a senior front-end developer and sometimes I do some back-end and Dev-Ops tasks.
Furthermore, I have some experience in Electronics and I have designed and implemented IoT devices and some games for amusement parks.
In my previous work I have had roles such as Team Lead, Chapter Lead, Senior Developer (Full-stack) and co-founder.
I had heard about Giveth from Mehdi and Amin before. Cryptocurrencies are the future and the philosophy behind it is very interesting.Therefore, its business seems amazing.
I am proud of being in your team( :heart_eyes: :muscle:). I have started working in Giveth from March 2021 as a part time developer and I have become a full time developer from October.
This is my role proposal:
Cherik - Giveth Work Agreement - Google Docs
Thank you :slight_smile:
Cherik :heart:


Hi Cherik! great to have you! I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you more. I left some comments in the work agreement doc. I’m curious to know what are your strengths as a front–end developer


WHAT A STORY!!! We are lucky to have you Cherik!


Hey Cherik! Wow so amazing… your started programming at such a young age - no wonder you’re such a rockstar!! I added a couple of suggestions to the doc feel free to take whatever or remove whatever. So happy to have you on the team :purple_heart:

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Thank you Mitch, Your suggestions are great. I add more info and correct some problems in my agreement.
I will appreciate if you could check it again.

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Thank you Griff,
Also thanks for this amazing team you have build :muscle:

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Thank you Lauren, Thanks for your kindness, energy and your helpful suggestions. I added them.

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So glad to have you on the team Cherik!

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Passed on Dec 21 2021: Aragon