PASSED: Final GIV Distribution Proposal

I think this proposal is great as is and doesn’t need changing! where do I sign!?


The %ages are all great… the only thing I would consider is if we want to make a bridge to Sushi Swap on xDai with our GIV/WETH pool

Any one have any opinions there?

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I think it’s a good idea:

  • Sushi becomes a player in the GIVgame! We’ll have uni v3, balancer, honeyswap + sushi
  • Having GIV on different swaps make it look more legit
  • we still are allocating most of the rewards to stakers on honeyswap (1% GIV/HNY vs. 0.25% GIV/WETH) so we’re supporting 1hive (a good “thanks for helping us w the Garden”)… the biggest pool is also incentivizing HNY liquidity, I don’t think moving the GIV/WETH is really a big hit by any means
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If there are no strong opinions against this, let’s just push forward!

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Shall we make this Final GIV Distribution Final?

  • Yes
  • No, let’s discuss further
  • Abstain

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Distro is DONE! :rocket: thanks everyone for your engagment

A while ago I was given a bunch of GTH tokens (0xb94c53b0e67fabac3d97173482663ef597d4174a) for donating to the project; what is the role of those within the GIV ecosystem? Thanks!

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GTH tokens are not related to Giveth! Looks like they’re from Gather Network

Gather contract:

Giveth contract:

How do I know? I received the GTH tokens when I gave ETH to Giveth.

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ah yes, I see! I think those are older tokens minted before for another purpose (before my time). they aren’t going to be used as part of the upcoming GIVeconomy.

In other words, people who have contributed to Giveth from the very beginning have been forgotten about. Noted.

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I don’t think that is true… all donors ever to Giveth are part of the Airdrop of new GIV tokens, so if you gave ETH to Giveth, you should be receiving GIV tokens in place of the old GTH tokens!

Do you have the address you gave FROM so we can check the list?

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Anyone in there should be part of the new Giveth.



@hannahjojo @bowen @Griff

Can one of you confirm that all Givers to Giveth as seen in the above token contract (addresses that received the old GTH token) shared by @spawnercouple were captured in the Past Contributor distro?


That is absolutely not what I said at all. I said the GTH token is not being used in the GIVeconomy. It would be great if you would refrain from jumping to conclusions.

Our upcoming GIVdrop is going to past donors to Giveth, past users of Giveth, past contributors plus many other crypto donors including donors to gitcoin grants and blockchain 4 good builders.

We have made every effort to include all valid addresses in this GIVdrop made at our discretion with an emphasis on donors and people who have supported Giveth in the past. We have also used an anti-sybil attack measure to remove airdrop seekers from the list. If you are eligible for a GIVdrop you will be able to check it once the GIVeconomy launches, and if you have been a real supporter of Giveth from the beginning, it is likely that you are part of it.

I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But from the point where you got confused between Gather Network token and Giveth token, I sort of made some quick conclusions indeed.

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Yep! All these OG Donors will be included in the GIVdrop for sure :wink:


That’s exciting news, thanks for clarifying @Griff. I’m looking forward to what this token will enable!