PASSED: Giveth Community Circle Description

Giveth Community Circle

COMMUNITY… has always been the foundation of Giveth, the sum of all parts.

COMMUNICATION… is the glue that holds these parts together.

COMMONS… is the publicly accessible resources that are shared, cultivated and managed together.

Welcome to the Giveth Community Circle!

This circle is held down by the Communications team yet comprised of representatives from the other two Circles, as well as various working groups that may form. Here is where new contributors, project owners, campaign managers, collaborators, conspirateurs, catalysts and really all the cool cats come to play, learn, give and grow.


Our mission is to be the living and breathing core of Giveth, an ecosystem of collective support, abundance and communication where we cultivate relationships and assist innovative projects with a focus on blockchain4good. We connect Givers and Makers with the Giveth Community through transparent, intentionally crafted and clearly communicated stories and resources.


  • Build Community around For-Good Projects by nourishing relations between Givers, Makers and the greater community through meaningful engagement, outreach, trust facilitation and conflict resolution - creating a safe space for community members to communicate their passion projects, then recruit help or guidance from peers.
  • Offer a Clear & Supportive Onboarding Process as Giveth develops the Dapps, economy, DAO and ongoing new features. The community circle provides a well-defined, transparent and helpful onboarding process that supports the needs of Contributors, Communities, Campaigns, Projects and Donors as well as functions as a bridge for newcomers into the crypto space.
  • Coordinate External and Internal Communications when broadcasting or sharing activity and development progress externally through the Giveth channels and social media - ensuring that the voice of Giveth as an organization is aligned with our overarching Values, Vision, Mission and Goals and that all Giveth Circles are represented.
  • Create a Network of Partners by way of collaboration, relationship building and support of common goals with various strategic partner organizations as well as community members focused on blockchain4good and improving the ethereum commons - providing resources, education and sharing of best practices.
    Partners currently include communities like Commons Stack, TEC, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, Panvala, GitCoin and MetaGame.

How to Engage

  • Community Calls are held every Sunday in the appropriate voice channel in the Discord server and can be found scheduled on the Giveth calendar. Feel free to join us!
  • If you want to get a feel of what we discuss during the Community Call, most of the recordings can be found on our Giveth Transparency YouTube channel.
  • You can read more on all of our initiatives on our Medium blog as well as engage with releveant topics and proposals on the Giveth Forum.
  • If you have any question or are interested to contribute, feel free to reach out in the Discord server or Telegram chat.

Working Groups

Communications: Givethers (and new contributors) who are writing the official messaging, documentation, announcements, and coordinating the release of information to the public.

Conflict Resolution: A working group for learning about Gravity to form a group of Gravitons who work to bring more authentic relating, issue revelation, and tension alleviation.

Support : Team that provides guidance for users and new contributors by engaging with them on discord or in the forum as well as offer internal support for requests that come in from the support page.


Ideas for Key Progress Indicators (KPIs)

Let’s be realistic about tracking KPIs. Collect data on KPIs quarterly. Move to monthly eventually when we have the bandwidth. Is there a way to automatically pull this info into a spreadsheet or platform?

  • New projects
  • New donors
  • New onboarded contributors
  • Amount of feedback received
  • Amount of support required from new makers & givers joining platform
  • Discord server engagement
  • Forum engagement
  • Rich media engagement - Videos, Livestreams
  • Community Calls Engagement
  • Influencer engagement
  • Social media engagement
  • Medium blog engagement
  • GitCoin grants success
  • Website analytics tracking - Time Spent on Page, Actions Taken

I think this is a good incorporation of the former community and communication circles. My remark would be to highlight our partners and partnerships more in the circle. Some of the goals seem a bit bulky and really should be trimmed or split into separate goals.

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I like being called a cool cat.

There is a typo in the second goal… should be “DApps” with the “A” capitalized. that’s what we have pretty much everywhere else.

I think this is really great but yeah, would love to make the goals a little shorter. maybe we can hack in it in comms today? I see it passed already in aragon, so we can leave all the content the same, but try to consolidate the messaging

I did my best to consolidate 8 goals down to 4 and make sure that all the parts and main points of each one were represented.

Personally I really like the way each one paints a picture and I dont think theyre too wordy but i might be biased.

I plan to make Partnerships its own page where we highlight each partnership, what those communities are doing in the space and how we are collaborating with them but I think that would take away for the main point of this document which is the circles and their goals.

Proposal passed on August 11th 2021