PASSED: Giveth Platform Circle description

After much debate and collaboration with the Platforms Circle members and some excellent QA by the comms team I am proud to present our description for the The Giveth Platform Circle.

DESIGN… the best user experience in a beautifully simplistic interface.

DEVELOP… innovative, feature-rich, safe and productive tools for transparency.

DELIVER… seamlessly connected products ( and TRACE) that work well together.

Welcome to the Giveth Platform Circle!

This Giveth Platform Circle is the terminal for designers, developers, testers, systems engineers and product managers alike, and is where the Future of Giving is being built. We collaborate with the Community Circle to get feedback from our users and design experiences that make it easy for people to create, give, receive and trace.

The Platform Circle, while building high-quality products, proclaims success by encouraging its members to learn, grow, collaborate and celebrate achievement together. By building workflows that are inclusive, transparent and well-structured, we thereby build strong teams of talented and inspired contributors.


To empower our contributors with the knowledge and resources to build and maintain platforms that bridge communities, meet user needs and advance blockchain technology.


  • Develop Digital Public Goods that serve as open-source, efficient and free platforms that bridge Givers and project owners, harnessing the revolutionary funding opportunities of digital currencies.

  • Product Development and Maintenance that empowers contributors to research emerging technology and implement best practices to create robust, stable, secure and scalable platforms.

  • Improve User Experience, Usability and Accessibility of Blockchain Technology by engineering and continually creating intuitive interfaces and powerful user experiences to make donating easy, rewarding and effective.

  • Build DApps by and for the Community by implementing user feedback to create products that meet their needs and maintain a high level of transparency to support a network of value-aligned projects.

Our Products

We maintain two Donation Applications that facilitate contributions to for-good projects on the Ethereum blockchain:

  • - Boasting a streamlined UI and an easy user experience, it offers direct peer-to-peer giving. grants anyone the ability to create projects and receive funding in minutes.

  • Giveth TRACE - Our original DApp, has a larger scope - offering enhanced complexity and traceability for projects. It also allows users to specify and track their donations.

The GIVeconomy is also being built by this circle and will involve the creation and deployment of on-chain systems to ensure the yet-to-launch Giveth Token Economy remains secure, efficient and accessible.

How to Engage


I love this @mitch but think our mission statement could be improved upon… Here’s a working suggestion:


To build and maintain free, open-source platforms that facilitate and encourage the funding of public goods while empowering our community and advancing blockchain technology.

^ I think this could be improved upon further still… a few too many "and"s… but like using “build, facilitate, encourage, empower, advance” instead of “empower, build, meet, advance”… mostly I don’t like “meet user needs”… I think we should intend to meet and exceed user needs. Give them things they didn’t even know they wanted :wink:

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You could simply say ‘empowering our community’ without "of contributors and users’

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love it - I edited it in my previous comment :smiley:

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Soooo …
The vote passed, Yay…

And, I really like how Lauren flipped up the Mission statement…
Hrrrm. How to proceed?

I’m not a fan of using ‘community’ in place, I think from the discussions with the circle the wording was focused on users and contributers - being more technical and specific. I feel strongly we should use distinct wording in order to distinguish circles from each other… so we don’t end up with a muddled mess of circles like before.

I’ll take your suggestions however and see if we can arrive at something

we could say “our contributors and users” and just skip the work “community” all together.


To build and maintain free, open-source platforms that facilitate and encourage the funding of public goods while empowering our contributors and users, and advancing blockchain technology.

^this is better than the original, imo

Proposal passed on August 11th 2021