PASSED: Giveth Values: Proposal

Edit July 20, 2021 Ok, so based on feedback from all ya’ll in the comments, I revised the values a little. Posting to rgiv for voting. Feel free to leave comments here still.

Original Intro
Hey fam, as discussed in the Community call… here is the first proposal for the transparent, publicly written Giveth values. They are adapted from the values in the original Giveth wiki, pieces I found on the Notion and brand guide, and feedback from Comms and other team members.

I kept it simple with just Decentralization, Altruism and Community… in some way remaining consistent and paying homage to our original branding as the Giveth DAC. The bullets under each category talk about transparency, inclusiveness, communication, innovation, regenerativity, trust etc. Definitely open to feedback although I honestly think this is pretty good consolidation of the old and the new :wink:

Our Values (updated July 20, 2021)

Giveth encourages Decentralization:

  • Giveth offers innovative open-source solutions built on blockchain technology, which is inherently decentralized.
  • Giveth is pioneering and experimenting with decentralized governance and communication techniques and supporting their adoption by other communities.

Giveth promotes Altruism:

  • Giveth is an open, non-hierarchical global initiative empowering social, environmental and humanistic impact projects with modern technologies.
  • Giveth supports many like-minded initiatives that are adding value to the world without necessarily having a direct profit motive.
  • Giveth is building a self-sustaining giving economy that encourages and rewards altruistic intention.

Giveth believes in the power of Community:

  • Giveth is an inclusive community united around a common goal.
  • Giveth is a community-owned platform, building and developing our DApps based on feedback from our members.
  • Giveth enables trust within communities by increasing transparency and accountability through blockchain technology.
  • Giveth proactively reaches out to similar initiatives which we see as potential collaborators, as opposed to competitors.

I love this! Thanks for preserving the DAC and encrypting it into the text :sunglasses:

My comments:

1 - Decentralization:
Like this section but would switch the two points.

2 - Altruism:
Can we write open and lose the source? Also novel decentralized can be “latest”, “modern”, “distributed”, “peer to peer” - novel sounds a bit like the 1900s to me :smiley:
“other decentralized” in the second part - I would change to “like minded”?

Community I like as it stands :+1:

Also - for this kind of thing. While in the phase of harvesting advice - would be even better to link the original notion for comments, as comments to specific parts are harder to communicate with discourse.


Clearly communicated, thanks Lauren!
I’m curious what other values, if any, were omitted from this list? I am glad to see “transparency” and “accountability” mentioned under community because I feel those are imperative, and lacking in most organizations. I am proud for us to be a part of the solution.

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I love it, great work everyone <3


Love your comments Kay! I’ll make those changes.

And great suggestion re: adding the link to the original for comments… For future folks, here it is: Welcome to Giveth - HackMD

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I didn’t really omit any values. On the wiki, it didn’t have an explicit list of values. I found later though, in Marko’s brand guide, a list of “mental and functional associations” and tried to add in all of those to the text…

Here it is, for reference:

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Wow, nice digging! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice! Overall I dig these values and am in favor of keeping them. However, one part of them that I struggle a bit with is “Altruism.”

On one hand, Altruism is amazing and something we at Giveth love, encourage, and depend on. On the other hand, Altruism by itself is not enough, and a core part of our vision is that “people around the world are rewarded for creating change.”

I am fine with keeping Altruism, but propose we update the bullet points:

Giveth promotes Altruism:

  • Giveth is an open source, global initiative empowering social, environmental and humanistic impact projects with novel decentralized technologies.
  • While Giveth loves altruism, it never depends on it, and instead builds economies in which positive change is rewarded.

Now that we have @Willy’s comment around Altruism, I recommend @karmaticacid choose to keep as is or implement his feedback, then post this to Aragon for voting so we can check off the list.

Mmm. I appreciate Willy’s feedback!
And. Giveth is literally built on Altruism, and I don’t think we can say we never depend on it because we have entirely depended on it up to this point. The platform is built to bring transparency and accountability to altruism, and in our next evolution we reward altruism in order to build an economy that sustains itself.

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Love your comment Dani, it’s so true! We have been significantly dependent on altruism up to this point… I’m going to modify the altruism section slightly and speak to the concept of reward altruism and building an self-sustaining economy around it

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Wow - I love this so much. Well done!

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Proposal passed 7/29/21