PASSED: Hannah's Role Proposal

Hello Unicorns!

I first heard about Giveth back in October from Willy. He was already working with Giveth, and he told me the basic premise of what Giveth is doing. I instantly said, “Can I help? That sounds extremely important and I’d love to use any of my skills that I can.” I then attended my first Community Call, and a few months later joined for another and became a regular at our weekly meetings ever since. As i learned more about Giveth, I learned more about how and where i could contribute the most value to Giveth, and I started helping out more and more.

My first “big” responsibility came from Dani, and when I got the project we met to discuss the details. After our meeting, I closed my computer, got out of my chair, and jumped up and down – really! I was so excited to feel my specific skillset could be used, in this case an excel project, and that for the first time I was contributing a significant amount of value to the community. Normally I don’t get excited about work projects, I never did at my old corporate job, but for Giveth it is different. As I’m sure many of us understand. After doing something for our Galaxy, I feel even more energized – because we are doing work that matters.

For the last year I had been searching for a job that felt fulfilling or meaningful, because I lacked it in my old position at a large company. I was beginning to feel like maybe I wouldn’t find it, and then Giveth seemed to find me. Truly, Giveth and this community has given me just as much as I’ve given it, if not more. I finally have a role that is bursting with meaning, that enables me to use my mind and skills to better the world, and “coworkers” who double as dear friends and share a desire for helping others that drives us each and every day. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this community and been able to contribute as much as I have. Now, I hope to contribute even more by taking on a full time role with Giveth.

Here is my role proposal:

Feel free to take a look, suggest any changes or edits, and add any comments you wish to share!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hannah :heart:


Hannah, I jumped up and down with joy after our call as well!
It’s been a pleasure to get to know you and to meet here in Costa Rica, confirming my suspicion that you were sent to fill this very role. It makes me so happy when I find someone that can do a job I’m doing… much better than me :joy:

I don’t have anything to add or change on the role proposal as we did this together :wink:

And as Forest steps away for her journey into motherhood, Giveth will surely benefit greatly from your presence as it allows me/us to help more in filling in her barefoot prints :footprints:

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I’m very excited to have you join the team! I notice however that it is written into your job description to lead the GIVernance circle. Following the active discussion about circle stewards, then by approving your job description are we also deciding that you are the GIVernance circle steward? How does this fit into the nomination process we are trying to build?

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As a I said before, I think it’s awesome that you’ll be joining us Hannah! I think you’ll bring some great organization, some great math skills at ultimately more #highvibes. And yeah! As we talked about in the gov call, I think the only think that could be modified at this point is the “GIVernance circle steward” role…

I think it would be amazing if you could take on the responsibility of leading the governance calls, preparing the agenda, taking notes, etc. Maybe you could call it “Governance Circle Facilitator” or something of that nature… or instead, you could consider adding those bullets to the other responsibilities sections, adjusting the weight distribution… and maybe adding a section like “learning and finding new ways to contribute” which could include stuff like joining GIVeconomy calls, learning about it, jumping in and adding value… just some thoughts

I also think job descriptions naturally morph over time so I don’t think it needs to be exactly spot on and I think when you join you’ll add tons of value to the fam!!



Quick note update: I’ve adjusted the doc in the link accordingly in response to Mitch and Lauren’s comments. I think those are good points and super helpful.

Thank you!!


great updates! I see tons of value in this role and I can’t wait to get you on the team officially.

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love it - JOOOIN UUUUS :unicorn:

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Passed on Sept 3, 2021:Aragon