PASSED: Helping out Coco, who sent 607 GIV to the GIV Token Address

  1. First of all, thank the project team for this airdrop award. The team and the project are very good, and I hope the project will flourish;
  2. Two days ago, I received a reward of 607 tokens from the project platform, and the token contract address was automatically added. I was going to pledge the tokens, but when I found that the token contract address was not added during the transfer, I added it manually , And then the operation error during the transfer was transferred to the token contract address, which was also caused by my carelessness. I will learn this lesson in the future;
  3. Ask the project team to help me. The project is a very good project. Finally, thank the project team again.

Receive token address

Transfer to the giv token contract address


This looks legit to me. Sorry for the delay for posting, apparently discord thought you were a bot.

The path for this is through the GIVgarden. It costs 5000 GIV as a deposit, and since you are here asking for 607 GIV… I will be happy to make the proposal for you.

We have a 5 day advice process requirement so I need to wait 12 more hours to do it… so i will do it tomorrow


Because I don’t have 5000 GIV, Thank u sir make the proposal for me.

I’d be happy to vote in favour of this proposal when it goes up in the GIVgarden since it appears that this was a genuine mistake and the funds can be traced.

Yep, Griff the project leader of Giveth, will initiate a proposal for me. Thank sir for voting in advance, lol.

Vote is Up: Gardens


I have seen the garden proposal, thank u sir!


Passed and Executed in the GIVgarden here: