PASSED: Mateo's Role Proposal

Heyy Mateo here,

Been around since August 2020 as a contributor, met with Griff first time around 2018 on a conference we organized in Barranquilla, then after years I came back in touch and offered my help and here I am!

Pushing the development of Giveth IO since then and looking forward to offer more value as time passes, our Giveth family is the best :smiley:

So here’s my proposal, I basically write code (a fair ration of features against bugs), ship magic and talk about tech stuff.

also a meme for our enjoyment


YES PLEASE :heart_eyes_cat: you are a hero… everyday I think “What would we do without Mateo?” I’m so glad you like working with Giveth because you are an integral part of why I like working with Giveth.

Where do i vote? LET ME VOTE


+1 !!!

So lucky to have you, LET THE PEOPLE VOTE.

And thanks for all your amazing work!!!


I found Mateo as a responsible guy, who is there to help, assist and also take what’s on ground. Even at times of James was there, I was attending the meeting as a guest, I saw how many improvements is made by him. Instead of talking and planning, he is try to get it and finish it. I like your responsibility and agility and I’m sure we cant do it without you in short-term.
I think the contract is well enough to passed, but Im really curious to know how the performance of a tech guy can be measured by a non-tech Buddy. I think we can discuss it if Hanna is a right person here or not.


yeah actually I was talking to Griff about this and I think it would be great if we had a bit of improved buddy system structure… I’ll leave a comment in that forum post


Heyo Mateo! Would you be able to add a vote to this proposal? I am in charge of making sure our forums have the proper design now and you can just ask if it looks good with a “Yes” vote or have people vote “No, needs more review” on your proposal. Feel free to do this whenever you feel final edits have been made to the proposal :slight_smile:

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  • No

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Passed Dec 5, 2021:Aragon