PASSED: Mohammad Ranjbar's role proposal

Hello Giveth members
I’m Mohammad, a Software developer and it’s about 7 years that I’m in this business, I have worked especially on the backend side but sometimes I do frontend and DevOps jobs ( I love to be a cross-functional Developer).

I have started my contribution in giveth from November 2020, I heard about giveth from Amin, and he onboarded me to giveth projects.
In the past 10 months, I worked on Trace projects (feathers-giveth, giveth-dapp, giveth-1-simulation) and
in these days I started to contribute to Givethio projects (impact-graph, giveth-next.)

This is my role proposal, I would appreciate if you take a look and leave comments if you wanted

Thanks, Unicorns


Hey Mohammad! You are a superstar dev! I don’t know much about the backend side of Giveth, but I always know that we can rely on you to make things happen. I love your humility, your sense of humour, your quick responses, your willingness to help in everything (including livestreaming) and just the general relaxed happy vibe you bring to calls. Thank you for being part of the team and making Giveth even better because of it!

P.S. I think you need to change the edit access of the document so we can view it


Hey Lauren ,
Thanks for being omnipresent and supportive all the time, it’s my pleasure to work with you and other Giveth galaxy members.

P.S: I changed the access of docutmen


Hey Mohammad,

I am really happy to have you in the team. You are an impactful, always willing and continuous available developer. Besides I really enjoy working with such a smart hard working person like you.
I believe you are a precious asset for Giveth.


Mohammad, you are such a hero on our team. Not only are you a rockstar developer always engineering a solution for any issue big or small… you have incredible vibes and the best hair in Giveth,

Thank you for everything, the role proposal looks great.


Mohammad jan, It’s my pleasure working with you. You are a professional and really a team player. I learned a lot from you even in soft skills, how to communicate and solve problems and engage other team members and building trust. How lucky is Giveth to have you hear.


Hi guys,
Thanks from all of you especially those who have added comments. please hit the Yes option if you think it’s ok, but if you think it needs some changes please let me know.

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  • No, needs more review

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Passed Dec 11, 2021: Aragon