PASSED: New Voting App for our nrGIV DAO

The nrGIV DAO has a Voting App that has a 5 day voting period, it is mostly used for Role proposals and payments for the Core team and the roadmap projects.

The nrGIV DAO also sends GIVbacks… but 5 days to send GIVbacks is a lot!

To facilitate GIVbacks being sent out in a timely manner, we should make a second voting template with a

24 hour Vote Duration
95% Support Required
20% Quorum

And then as part of the GIVbacks’ 2 week flow, we schedule a call to certify the results and pass this vote. Currently it will take 4 people to pass this vote.

After next round of nrGIV token Distribution, 19 nrGIV per person, if we have 20 people get 19 tokens, then we will have 380 new nrGIV tokens, on top of the 174 nrGIV that exist so we will have about 550 tokens

That would mean we would need about 110 tokens to vote and a bunch of people would have about 30 tokens… so again it would require 4 people to vote and certify the results.

This Voting Template would have power over the Distributor agent, so we will want to watch it closely.

With a 24 hour vote duration, I would recommend everyone in the nrGIV DAO turn on email notifications for our DAO (not 100% they work on xDai… but maybe we should get them to if they don’t!):

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 12.04.25 PM


Thanks for the break down Griff - I would still stand for the 48 hours. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect people to act so quickly to casting a vote - everyone has a lot on their radar and expecting people to respond quickly to one notification (among many) seems like a tall order and a risky bet considering the vote duration cannot be changed once it’s set in the app.

I don’t think there’s any considerable harm in adding one day more to the vote duration to give adequate time for people to respond to a voting request.


Agree with Mitch’s caveat / updated proposal. Otherwise sounds good to me.

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Will the approximate time of vote be known in advance? If DAO members have a recurring event on their calendar and can expect the vote to be live at a certain date/time every 2 weeks, that would make me comfortable with a 24-hour vote period, especially considering that we only need ~4 voters and have 26 currently.


How long should the vote duration be for the GIVbacks distribution voting app on the nrGIV DAO?

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours

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Unfortunately we’ll have to expediate the advice process exceptionally for this one so we can hope to be on time to distribute our first round of GIVbacks

I’m calling this one at 24 hours - I will be creating the vote shortly on the nrGIV for this voting app


This is interesting! Can you post the evmcrispr script used here @mitch? Is the vote already on?

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Mitch was working until the New Year Festivities began and I THINK made the vote in the nrGIV DAO to add the new voting app.

This is the vote right Mitch? Aragon

yes! to clarify here is some information I posted in the #DAO channel:

okay @DAO I’ve created the vote to install a new voting app to be used for distributing GIVbacks with the parameters outlined in New Voting App for our nrGIV DAO>

  • some important information because the vote I made just before it is no bueno

vote YES for proposal #29
vote NO for proposal #28

here is the script @sem

connect 0xA1514067E6fE7919FB239aF5259FfF120902b4f9 token-manager voting:0
install voting:new-voting 0xf68ed2cd5973fa4db8a873d6e5a0409f3c197ec4 95e16 20e16 86400
revoke voting:0 agent:0 EXECUTE_ROLE false
revoke voting:0 agent:0 RUN_SCRIPT_ROLE false
grant token-manager voting:new-voting CREATE_VOTES_ROLE voting:new-voting
grant voting:new-voting agent:0 EXECUTE_ROLE voting:new-voting
grant voting:new-voting agent:0 RUN_SCRIPT_ROLE voting:new-voting

Passed Jan 5, 2021: Aragon