PASSED: Proposal to add Vesting to Current Contributor's Distribution

I don’t really understand the framing of these 3 buckets… so “recent contributors” still have vesting?

I do enjoy the idea of incentivizing rGIV holders to continue to steward the DAO, and the platforms and having an incentive to do so makes sense to me.

The “Recent Contributor” use case doesn’t need vesting, but it’s easy enough to loop it into the proposed system.

Thanks for linking this again, one quick question on it: Is column D or column B the total tokens we will end up receiving? Sorry for the confusion!

Other comments on this:

I agree here, I think right place right time shouldn’t be such a determinant and may not be best for Giveth.

This does seem to be framing more than I realized too so thanks for calling that out!

Does this mean the “recent contributors” (who are the past contributors currently) would follow a vesting schedule and if they left Giveth 3 months ago they have less tokens than they would now, or that they will receive the amount of tokens in the past/recent contributor bucket no matter what, but if they’re still contributing that vests?

I’m sorry for all of the questions and confusion! I think we’ll be able to clear a lot of it up when we’re all talking on our call today and can chat about it.

B is the amount they get from the bucket, D is this bucket and other buckets together.

Yes! Every person on the list (if we go with the vesting solution) will get a % at the launch and then a bit more every 3 mo if the rGIV considers them as contributors.

The total distribution they get will have this vesting, but it is likely many of them will lose the part that is vested and only get the part that is front loaded. Anything lost there will just be held by rGiv to go to other Future Contributors.

Closed the Poll, the people have spoken. let’s get this party started!