PASSED: Ramin’s Role Proposal

It’s Ramin!

I wanna start from my childhood. I was interested in technology news.
In mid school, I had my first personal computer. Although it was an Intel Pentium 4, I started straggling with Photoshop. I was curious about windows features and various software I was installing every day.

In high school, some of my data disappeared. I found that it’s my first virus fight. Soon I could handle the problem and take my data back.
That time, I was known as a computer man between my family and friends. Anyone had any problem with his computer, was calling me to check it out.

After a while I could find my way through information technology industry and continue the field I always had talent and interest in it.

Doing different tasks from futures studies to DNS, DHCP, Apache and unit service configuration and even deep learning, data science and SEO, I dove deep in IT world.

Of course my area of expertise and interest had always been web development.

I studied B.Sc. and M.Sc. in AmirKabir university of technology (one of top 3 universities in my country). In the meantime, one of my friends and I founded a company called “Hooshyar” that was mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence. I was co-founder and full-stack developer.

Unfortunately after 5 years of trying hard to start everything from scratch, implementing state of the art products and raising funds, the company growth and progress wasn’t the way I expected.

In March 2021, I left my company and joined the lovely Giveth.

Lets try our best.
I love Giveth, and I love you all.

Link to my proposal


Wow Ramin! what a story!! So interesting to hear about your past and what brought you here to Giveth. I added a couple of suggestions to your role proposal (just to make it a little more expansive). I think you are a rockstar dev… You are great at communicating, super dedicated, picking up so many issues and making so many fixes. I really appreciate your critical thinking and the way you always look to add more rather than just doing the basics. We’re really lucky to have you and it was SO FUN that you joined games on Friday :smiley:


Thanks a lot @karmaticacid
Your suggestions are wonderful, I love them. I updated my proposal.

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Hi Ramin! Would you be able to add a vote to this proposal? I am in charge of making sure our forums have the proper design now and you can just ask if it looks good with a “Yes” vote or have people vote “No, needs more review” on your proposal. I dont think it’ll be an issue at all, we just want to stay consistent! Thank you for your hard work and for being awesome! :slight_smile: Also, amazing story and its soooo nice learning about what brought you here! :heart:

  • Yes
  • No, needs more review

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Sure, Thanks @hannahjojo

Passed Dec 18 2021: Aragon