PASSED: Same sprint planning & standard scrum ceremonies for both dapps

The idea was raised, due to our goal for having one dev team and integration both with Trace, and for reaching better agile scrum product management and basically for meeting these goals:


  1. Be more transparent about recourses and deliveries.
  2. Having less overhead cost.
  3. Easy product management and more collaborative interactions.
  4. Team building, make it more easier for dev to contribute in both dapps.
  5. Having a standard dev team-size.
  6. Moving toward standard scrum product management routines.

Here is the proposal for dev and sync meetings for both 2 DApps:

  1. Having the same sprint scheduling for both dapps, last 2 weeks, which is start on Tue and ends in Mon.
  2. Sprint Review will be held at the end of each sprint. Mon 10 am CST, biweekly, 1 hour.
  3. Sprint Planning (& kickoff) will be held at the start of each sprint. Tue 9 am CST, biweekly, 1 hour.
  4. Grooming & Sync will be held in the middle of each sprint. Mon 10 am CST, biweekly, 1 hour. We can extend if the issues are remained to talk.
  5. We may have Retrospective meeting right after Sprint Review biweekly.
  6. Daily standup meetings will be held just 15 min, if anyone cant attend, it supposed to reply the daily questionnaire in all-dev channel (What I did yesterday, What I,m doing or planning to do today and what’s my blockers)
  7. For more collaboration, devs, design and ops beside testers should be involved in this ceremonies.

I love the idea, one meeting for them all! So the questionnaire is made to be answered in the daily standup meetings? What time will these meetings be held?

We have to go through a poll for timing. And beside, if we can have a daily-standup bot in discord, it would be great. I asked Kay before.

Should this be updated to ‘PASSED’?

I was waiting for @MoeNick to update the calendar before archiving this one in case there needed to be more discussion around times and days.

I see meeting times have been updated on the calendar so I will archive this now…