PFP Collection Utility Poll

Hello everyone,

As we are approaching the release of The Givers PFP collection, we would like to get your feedback on the different ideas we are discussing to add as utility to the collectors.
We would love to hear your opinion selecting any options you like.

  • Create a voting space for collectors to give their opinion
  • Raffle several items among all collectors
  • Offer discounted prices on the swag shop
  • Offer a punk domain as “*.Givers”
  • Integrate PFP into dApp user profile

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Add any other ideas in the comments!


I wanted to add in terms of adding discounts to the swag shop - I did recently propose using a set of $nice specific POAPs rodri had designed, for this very purpose - the idea was struck down as being “too complex” / “too complicated to explain” - If this idea gets traction I would actually really love to go ahead with my original plan for these POAPs rather than passing it off to the PFP collection functionality.

I also thought it would be interesting to piggy back on the .giveth domains and offer those instead of creating a new domain for just pfp purchasers.