Pilot minting&selling NFTs for a cause to offer it as a fundraising tool to out Makers (partnership with Plutoview)

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As many of you know, we have been testing Plutoview as a tool to create Collaborative Art that can be sold as NFTs in the open market to help Impact Makers fundraise for their projects. Currently, we have 2 collab pieces—one made by the Giveth community after a community call and another at ETH BCN.

In this proposal, I’m seeking advice on the details of how to move forward and sell these pieces and general feedback.

Proposal Rationale

We’ve been talking about empowering our impact makers with NFT tools to give them more resources for fundraising. From my latest conversation with @santigs, Giveth is still not close to offering such a tool to the Makers.

This pilot may offer good information about which players we can work with more efficiently to ease the process for our Makers and where the market can better respond to buying art for a cause.

We are looking for advice on:

Should we mint and sell these NFTs to see if this is a service that could be convenient for our Impact Makers?

  • YES, LFG
  • Maybe, I have some comments
  • I don’t think its a good idea. I will add my comments

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How and where to mint & sell?

Doingud is a project close to Giveth and value-aligned. This first collab could trigger a deeper collaboration between both platforms to cross-pollinate and offer more services to the impact makers.

On the other hand, Open Sea is, as far as I know, by far the platform with the biggest market in NFTs. If you consider it worth testing Open Sea, it would be great to add a comment on which network would be better. Polygon where fees will be negligible or Ethereum where there will be some transaction fees, but a big part of the market focuses.

IMO, it would a nice experiment to test both and see how it goes.

In which platforms should we Mint&Sell the NFTs?

  • Doingud
  • Open Sea
  • 1 NFT on each site
  • I have a different proposal and will add it on the comments

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I believe, any pilot we can to which gives us feedback to decide to implement anything to get more funds for the projects is good. That being said, my personal sense is that the tool may work only on a few specific projects but it would be nice to try.

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What sort of costs are involved in minting/selling NFTs on Ethereum compared with Polygon. Is it possible to estimate how much NFT could sell for?
I like the opportunity this project would present for marketing: it’s an easy, accessible piece of comms to spread awareness of Giveth brand.

Thanks for engaging @clara_gr

Using Ethereum on Open Sea there will be 1 or 2 gas fees before the first sell: https://support.opensea.io/hc/en-us/articles/1500003246262

On polygon they are advertising it as gas free, even if there is gas it’s negligible.

Other Plutoviews projects have been sold for 5K on Open Sea. Source: Eve

That’s the only reference I have. Everything else this is why we are piloting :slight_smile: