Proposal Template


This post is a suggested template to follow for creating proposals in the Giveth Forum. When creating your proposal please be as clear and detailed as possible. Please use appropriate tags such as “rgiv-dao” or “givgarden” wherever applicable.

To learn more, refer to About the Proposals Category or Governance Process.


Proposal Information

Proposal description:
An accurate and detailed description of what you are proposing

Proposal Rationale
Detailed rationale for why this proposal exists and should matter to GIV holders, the Giveth community, and/or giving ecosystem

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
How long do you think it will take to deliver on your proposal

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, Giveth Forum, etc.):

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
What are some of your skills or related experience that might help inform GIV holders about your ability to execute on your proposal

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:


Pretty happy to see this template with this, you will be able to separate quite a few things apart from seeing a cleaner, more organized proposal you might suggest that proposals have before the main name something like [giv- #number of proposal]

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