QF Alpha Round Results

Hey everyone!

The results from the Giveth Alpha Round (July 18 to August 1, 2023) are IN!

Quick Summary

  • $10,000 matching pool, made available by our Quadratic Force
  • $11,737 of donations from the community
  • 47 verified projects
  • 246 unique donors
  • 696 eligible donations
  • 919 total donations
  • 103 ineligible donations were removed thanks for Gitcoin Passport
  • 35 sybil addresses were removed thanks to Trustalabs

The matching funds will be distributed this week. The final donor amounts to each project, amounts raised & matching funds are summarized here:

Sybil Analysis Breakdown

Only donations from addresses with a Gitcoin passport score of 5 more were considered eligible for matching. This made 103 of the initial 919 donations “ineligible”. The remaining donation list was analyzed by Trustalabs who flagged 50 possible sybil addresses. We then manually investigated those donations through block explorers, our own databases, spreadsheets & other on-chain tools, and concluded that 35/50 address were sybil and ineligible for matching.

Donations from verified project recipient addresses (the “purple list”) to projects in the Alpha round were also flagged and considered ineligible to encourage projects to use raised funds to meet their stated goals - and not use to recirculate on the platform.

Any ineligible donations were not included in the matching calculation.


As this was our first-ever quadratic funding round, we did not take any strong action against verified projects who were involved in sybil attacks. In future rounds, we hope to coincide QF rounds with GIVbacks and will not give GIVbacks to sybil attackers, and projects who are involved in sybil attacks may be subject to graduated sanctions or otherwise penalized.


None of this would have been possible without the support of our community. I’d like to praise @Griff @cquinterom096 @mitch @WhyldWanderer @amin for their amazing support in getting this data reviewed & sorted and the funds sent out to verified projects, as well as the the entire Giveth team who worked tirelessly to build, test & launch the Alpha Round.

I’d also like to give major praise to Disruption Joe whose invaluable support and experience with fraud detection was a guiding light for our team. Also praise to Ben West, Kevin Owocki, Kevin Olsen and the Gitcoin team who have been extremely supportive offering advice, feedback and helpful tips leading up to the round.

Please help us improve Giveth QF. Fill out this feedback form or leave a comment below with your thoughts.