Rainbow Rolls Giveaway!

Giveaway time! :rainbow: :roll_of_toilet_paper:

This week the biggest donor to a Verified Project on Giveth is eligible to win a Rainbow Roll NFT courtesy of @rainbow_rolls!


  • Contest runs from October 13, 2021 9:00am MDT until October 20, 2021 9:00am MDT
  • Only donations to Verified Projects on Giveth.io are included.
  • Only donations to individual projects count! E.g. If you donate 100 xDAI three times to three different verified projects, we only take into consideration the single donation value of 100 xDAI (not the total value of 300 xDAI). However, if you donate 100 xDAI to the same project 3 times - your donation value is counted as the cumulative 300 xDAI!
  • Projects that get Verified before October 20, 2021 9am MDT are included! If a donation was made to that project at any point during the contest run time, it counts.
  • Winner will be announced on October 21, 2021

Happy donating!!

rainbowroll giveaway


Thanks for this clear requirement.
what if someone donates 100 xDAI three times to one project, in this case, we consider 300 xDAI, am I right?

That seems fair to me! Then people can top up / add more to their donations. Is that easy to track?

I think it would be easy, I’ll update you


It’s ok we can get the highest donors by the project ( the donations of project should be accumulated)


Perfect! Thanks Mohammad!! I updated the contest information in the forum post :raised_hands:

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