Reg Rewards, PAN & RewardDAO (OH MY)

Getting the party started on revamping our Reward Process!

In our meeting on Sept 6 we reviewed the 3 ways that Contributors are currently rewarded - it’s a mash up of different payment pathways established at different times for different purposes. Summary is pasted in below this link to a Discord discussion that arose in the #Governance channel on Sept 7:

Contributor Payment Process:

  1. Regular Rewards - work agreements

    • We as Givethers have a responsibility to be exemplary in how we allocate Giveth funds to Circles/Campaigns and approve payments, so that users can model off our process and procedures.
    • Best case scenario, funds for Reg Rewards need to be in a Campaign that is intended for paying Reg Rewards.
      • IF we do not have the funds in the right Campaigns, then either we raise it, or vote to reallocate funds from another Campaign. Be clear to reference.
    • When we move to the GIVDAO, will we create Budgets for Circles and submit them for approval by the DAO and allow Circles to distribute via proposals from working groups.
      • RR contributors paid by their circle - Circles are currently Campaigns. Campaigns have Campaign Managers (de facto circle steward).
      • Also have opportunity to go after bounties, take on tasks in other places for alt rewards like PAN or RewardDAO.
      • Governance WG will help people/other WG’s make proposals to the DAO for voting on allocation.
        • See Colony - payment proposals via workstreams/mini-communities.
  2. PAN Payouts

    • System was created to distribute funds from GitCoin Grants, when we only had one grant - to build Giveth 2. We now have a Giveth Trace Grant as well, and with ETH’s rising value our coffers have increased in ETH while our PAN has been diminishing. Monthly PAN rewards are now mostly below the $300 value floor set to minimize Giveth’s gas expenditures and non-RR contributors are not receiving an amount that they can take out of TRACE.
    • Has been solely based on SourceCred - which is designed to continue rewarding contributors whose work is like art, the value holds or even goes up over time.
      • Distinct roles in GitHub / Dev for pull requests, approving and merging etc… these are tasks that affect Cred, but we don’t have KPI’s for how well we are doing that, quality vs. quantity
      • How do we raise issues with SourceCred etc. ? Trace Dev team is not very satisfied. ID’s change, RR flags need to be checked monthly!
  3. RewardDAO

    • Created to value community contributors who either do not get Reg Rewards or do something above and beyond the scope of their RR agreement.
    • Monthly distributions based on Praise for one off and single month contributions only.
    • Praising yourself for accomplishing something above and beyond - one time deals.

I propose the following steps:

1.) EVERYONE: Review the information shared in this post and comment with your opinions, feelings and suggestions.
2.) Governance Working Group: Meet to review the feedback and develop a proposal for how to create a new tiered Contributor Reward process that meets the core needs of Giveth, supporting the Vision and Mission, and mapping it to how it addresses the goals of the Governance Circle>
3.) Gov WG Steward (or delegate): Present the Proposal to the Community for feedback (maybe a public poll) and revise as needed.
4.) Gov WG Steward (or delegate): Create a Vote for the rGIV DAO.
5.) Rinse and Repeat as necessary.

I feel PAN or any other incentives rather than regular payment, can be a bounty for any of circles. Bounty could have the exact meaning of reaching a KPI.

My main concern here is that as PAN has been paid out over time, and the pot dwindled, we also added a lot of contributors, resulting in diminishing rewards to the point of now, the PAN distributions don’t even add up to enough to withdraw from Trace, even with several months of accumulation.

I see an opportunity to use RewardDAO properly!

BY: Allocating a portion of the treasury to give an ETH Reward to PAN recipients from the past 6 months based on their contribution percentages once we fix all the bugs in the math.

HOW? Hannah is correcting lots of little things, like peoples Discord handles changing, missing Repos, Praise not factored, SourceCred continuing to credit past contributors who are no longer present etc.

Once we clean up these items and do some retroactive factoring on a copy of the spreadsheet, we will end up with revised actuals on the percentages for this past 6 months.

We can allocate half the ETH in the RewardDAO to a “Sorry For $%&^*ing It Up and Thank You For Your Patience” Fund. Anyone who wants to, can cancel their PAN payout sending it back to the Campaign, and receive ETH instead. Or just get the ETH on top of the PAN… whatever y’all think, there are options, this is just an idea right now :slight_smile:

IMO, it would be a very nice transitionary step between closing the old system, and ramping up our new GIVeconomy.

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Is the ETH part of the calculation?

If not, how about we just add the ETH value into the calculations and deplete the PAN to completion so we can top up the amount that is in there now.

Or find a good way to do the next distro in PAN so we can sweep the Pan from the Traces that have PAN in them

Right now our “reserves” bucket that pan payments come from comes out of the Giveth 2 campaign, the CozDao, and zksync reserves. We add these together, find the amount of PAN equivalent based on the PAN price and other currency prices at the end of the period, and then we divide that number by 13 (for 13 payments per year) and distribute 1/13th of it.

I think adding the ETH value into the calculations and depleting PAN could make sense…but I think we should look at the numbers and see after running them for a month what they come out to.

I think this could also work.

Also on payments:
Ashley, Lauren, Mateo, Kris and I have been working with the current parameters and making some changes there which will impact the scores contributors get from source cred and praise each month. Watch for a forum post on this later today going over our ideas, which may affect how we want to make this decision after we hear from feedback on the system and how we plan to distribute funds in the future.

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Hey @hannahjojo - I think besides doing the manual adjustment process for monthly distribution during the upcoming WG Steward session, it would be beneficial to revisit this thread and focus some working group energy on redesigning the Reward System in a more comprehensive manner.

Perhaps we can touch this during the WG Stewards meeting to gather some thoughts then hack on that next to follow up the blog post. I see some gaps in writing it that can be addressed by saying this is a living experiment and the redeployed Reputation DAO is whats done, a new Contributor Reward program is whats coming.