Request for Reimbursement: Mainnet Safe Transaction Execution, Treasury Mgmt & DeForm

Hi there! I am requesting a few different reimbursements for out of pocket expenses made in ETH & USD for Giveth operations.

Here are the details:

Multisig Transaction Executions on Mainnet

These are multisig transaction executions I have done on mainnet, it’s important that these are executed timely, but with minimal gas costs which I always do my best with.

For reference you can check out the Safe’s list of transactions for better reference:

Giveth Main
Giveth Liquidity
Giveth Matching

DeForm 1 month sub payment

This was a one off for a paid subscription to DeForm for one month, this allowed us to create and distribute the form for Giver Holders as part of the Giving Season QF Round.

ETH Sent to Treasury Handler

The Treasury Handler (0x9cd1E4A6b3361abcCC90C7F8E788ac246d194303) is an EOA that I control that handles any complex interactions we need to make with funds (including GIV) that is held by the multisigs, this can include swapping tokens, creating Liquidity Pools, depositing funds into DeFi apps & bridging tokens.

I send ETH occasionally from my personal wallet to the Treasury Handler so it has enough gas to perform actions needed by the Giveth DAO to manages its funds.

Total Requested:

0.154379998 ETH

From giv.eth on Mainnet
To: divinecomedian.eth

Do you approve reimbursing these costs?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Thanks @mitch - for making sure transactions are handled responsibly and for tracking and communicating costs so we can reimburse you appropriately.

Thanks for taking care of all these @mitch

Tx sign and executed! Thank you everyone for passing this