Request for Reimbursement: Subscriptions and Gas our accounts

Hey team! I am requesting reimbursement from the Treasury for some out of pocket expenses I made to pay for services and gas fees needed to keep the ship sailing. Here’s a breakdown:

Gas for the Treasury Handler (DAO Ops)

The Treasury Handler is an EOA account (0x9cd1E4A6b3361abcCC90C7F8E788ac246d194303) that I use to do various bridging, swapping, depositing, withdrawing on behalf of the Giveth DAO.

It often runs out of gas, especially while doing heavy mainnet transactions and the quickest way to get things done is to send it some ETH from my personal account.

Total: 0.15 ETH

Gas for Deployer key (GIVeconomy)

We have a Deployer EOA that @amin and I have control of, we use it to deploy and upgrade our smart contracts as needed. It needs gas to operate so I will send it ETH from my personal account for expediency.

Total: 0.12 ETH

Deform Subscriptions (Quadratic Funding)

I paid for 2 months of Deform subscriptions for the nomination form for the Galactic Giver’s Round, @freshelle can verify the receipts I submitted in Clockify. Each month was $80 USD

Total $160 USD

Alchemy subscription (DAO Ops)

I paid for 1 month of Alchemy to get our rGIV DAO back online as fast as possible, since then we have moved this cost over to devOps. 1 month of Alchemy at the tier we needed was $52, @freshelle can verify the invoice I have submitted in Clockify.

Total $52

The final total for this request is:

  • 0.27 ETH
  • $212 USD

Do you Approve this reimbursement?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Abstain

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Maybe a new… mini proposal on this. a new address (another one yes lol) that gets sent x eth every month for a Total balance of … say 1 eth/1000 usdc/whatever else token used often. This address is used (instead of your personal) to refill the various buckets) and its auto approved to refill the bucket every month. (or if small amount was used, can skip until following month)