Retreat and DevConnect 2023 Hours Charging and Personal Reimbursement

Clockify and Hours Charging Guidelines

This post addresses queries on Clockify reporting during the recently concluded Retreat and DevConnect 2023. Feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns.

Clockify Project categories



Retreat Week (Nov 6 to 11)

  • Report all session hours, including group sessions, discussions, co-working, and WG or 1-1 meetings.
  • Preparation, administrative, and organizing hours for the Retreat is included
  • Charge regular work hours to the relevant WGs or projects.

DevConnect week (Nov 12 to 19)

Reportable activities

  • Preparing and giving a talk/presentation about Giveth/GM
  • Networking with the intention to shill or promote Giveth/GM
  • Engaging in comms, marketing, fundraising, business development work, etc. for Giveth/GM
  • Participating in side events relevant to your role (professional development, e.g. developers joining a dev-related talk)
  • Charge regular work hours to the relevant WGs or projects

NOT considered work and should not be reported

  • Attending a side event to watch someone talk (e.g. Griff’s talk)
  • ETH Global Hackathon
  • Eating out, hanging out with friends, parties

The aim of excluding non-Giveth/GM related hours during the Retreat and DevConnect week is to ensure that reported hours align with our collective goals. During DevConnect week, consider it as regular working hours. Report hours that align with Giveth, the respective Working Group goals, and GM if applicable. This can include valuable professional development through relevant side events. Your accurate reporting ensures our collective efforts are appropriately accounted for.


  • Report your hours under “Retreat and Devconnect 2023” and/or the relevant WG/project for Nov 6-19 (generally, ~40 hours/week)
  • You may also refer to the guide above if needed

Reimbursement Guidelines


  • Submit expense in Clockify until November 30
  • Reimbursement will be processed around December 4 to 8

For details on adding expenses in Clockify, refer to this video guide.

Expenses to be reimbursed:

  • Flight (80% full-time, 50% part-time). Refer to eligibility details here.

  • Meals. See the table below for reimbursable meals.

Date Reimbursable - Total (7) Meals
Nov 6 (2) Meals - Lunch, Dinner
Nov 7 (2) Meals - Lunch, Dinner
Nov 8 (1) Meal - Dinner
Nov 9 (1) Meal - Dinner
Nov 10 (1) Meal - Dinner

When submitting your Meal expense request in Clockify, take note of these steps:

  1. Verify your arrival date and count the applicable meals.
  2. The allotted budget per meal is 200 Lira or $6.95, with a maximum reimbursement limit of $48.65 total.
  3. Submit receipts via Discord to the talent support group chat or consolidate them into a PDF and attach it in Clockify. No need to worry about missing receipts - we trust you enjoyed your meal! :hugs:
  4. Streamline the process by creating a SINGLE entry for all meal expenses.

If you already entered your meal expenses individually, there’s no need to redo it. Just review if the amounts are within the limit.

Note: If you ordered any drinks on Nov 11 lunch, we will deduct it in the total amount to be reimbursed since this was not covered. We will reach out to you individually about this.

Sample Meal Expense Request in Clockify: