Retroactive GIVbacks

Great news! If you have ever donated using and to a certain extent Giveth TRACE, you might have some GIVbacks coming your way! We want to reward early users and beta testers of the Giveth platform with some of that sweet sweet GIV. Thank you so much for your support!

Our proposed breakdown is as follow for these donation groups:

  • Donations to Giveth get 100% GIVbacks
  • Donations to Verified projects get 75% GIVbacks
  • Donations to Listed (non-verified) projects get 10% GIVbacks

We’ll be conducting a full review - ensuring unlisted projects don’t get GIVbacks, work payments done through TRACE don’t get GIVbacks and any other ineligible donations are removed from our calculations. Currently we have no expected delivery date for Retroactive GIVbacks, this mostly depends on how long our review process takes but any and all updates can be followed on this thread.

Once the review is finished we’ll be posting a final distribution list on this thread as well. Stay tuned!

Some Clarifying points

  • Retroactive GIVbacks are calculated for donations from Feb 28, 2021 - 18:00 UTC until December 24, 2021 - 16:00 UTC. Donations outside of this time frame are not and will not be taken into account for Retroactive GIVbacks
  • Verified Projects are projects that have the “Verified” status at the time we distribute Retroactive GIVbacks.
  • As with regular GIVbacks, Retroactive GIVbacks have the GIVstream applied to them, with part claimable immediately and part streamed over the next several years.

thanks @karmaticacid for the extra info!


Thanks Mitch for making this post!

For clarification, the retroactive GIVbacks timeframe will be from Feb 28, 2021 11:59pm Costa Rica time to December 24, 2021 10am Costa Rica time (launch of the GIVeconomy & GIVbacks program) - that means we are considering donations made during this time only. We want to reward those who donated during the time post-GIVdrop snapshot and pre-GIVeconomy launch who were otherwise unaccounted for.

Also, if a project is considered “verified” at the time of retroactive GIVbacks distribution, we consider all donations to that project during the above time period “donations to verified projects”.

Also the %s listed are used to calculate the total GIVbacks amounts. As with regular GIVbacks, the total amount will have some part claimable immediately, and some partt streaming via the GIVstream.


The next step for Retroactive GIVbacks is that we’ll need to form a team who can review the data, check for ineligible projects and update donation lists. Many hands make for light work! Please comment here if you can lend a hand in this process!

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I can help with that

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I would like to help on this!

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I can help with that.

I feel pretty good with this team!

Let’s set something up for next week to start looking at the data, decide on some disqualification metrics for each pool, assigns tasks and hopefully we can begin the review process from this call!

Here’s a lettucemeet to add your availability -

@clara_gr @freshelle @karmaticacid

The more the merrier for anyone else willing to join! Many hands make for light work!


Thanks, Mitch - I’ve added mine.

I just wanted to add some fun info - For all the current eligible donations for Retroactive GIVbacks for the eligibility period of Feb 28, 2021 - 18:00 UTC until December 24, 2021 - 16:00 UTC BEFORE any review process we arrive at these total donation values:

Donations to Verified Projects (including TRACE) = 640,730.7487 DAI
Donations to Listed, Non-verified Projects = 473,176.1619 DAI
Donations to Giveth (TRACE and IO) = 43,699.03506 DAI

Total Potentially Eligible Donations value = 1,157,605.94566 DAI


ok so I think I filled out the lettuce meet right, but who knows because lettuce meet seems confused. in any case, there is only 1 time w the three of us so far

I filled out lettuce meet. We have one time slot next week for us

cool cool, okay I scheduled the meeting and added it to the calendar! See you Tuesday! 8am costa rica time

Also @clara_gr and @freshelle I’ve been trying to give you access to a special thread I made in discord for the data review, I sent you both an invite in discord because for some reason you didn’t have the role/permissions to view, can you check your DMs and respond?

Thanks, Mitch. What’s the name of the thread I can’t see thread for givbacks I have used the link you sent)