Revenue Streams, Platform Fees, and GIVfi v0.1

I love that! We should do it just for requesting to become a Verified project, so people can still put up a project with no friction but if you want to apply for GIVbacks then, you better get some GIV!

We should make it another fee that can be turned on by the DAO, it starts at zero but then we can turn it on when we have people demanding to be verified.


well it should be an integer instead of a switch so we can make it dynamic based on demand for verification and the current price of GIV. I think it’s a cool feature once we see an uptick in projects coming on


I feel like its hard enough to get people to get verified… we currently have only approved about 200 applications.

Also, how will you force Giving Block projects or Change projects to put up GIV to be verified?

I don’t feel like there is a high enough incentive for projects to get verified as it is. This will just put another barricade in the way for project owners. :frowning:

Yeah probably something that we put int the smart contracts but don’t change until the verification team is overloaded