Rewarding the Quadratic Force with GIVbacks

First of all… let’s all take a moment to recognize that Giveth QF rounds would not be possible without the amazing Quadratic Force.

:point_up: Because of these heroes, numerous public goods projects have received funding in a fair and inclusive way that captures community preference!

These guys deserve to get rewarded right???

Often times, the contributions of the Quadratic Force are not sent to Giveth through the UI. This may be for various reasons like wallet incompatibility, DAO processes, convenience, etc. Because of this, there were a few sponsors that weren’t automatically included in the GIVbacks calculation.

We have gone back and collected all of the addresses of sponsors that have not yet received GIVbacks so that we can now retroactively reward them!

Because these contributions were made during GIVbacks rounds that have already been finalized, we have chosen to use GIV tokens left over from previous rounds that didn’t use all of the 1M GIV allocated.

To keep things simple, it was decided to reward at a rate of 60% of the contribution value calculated using the current GIV price (USD 0.01255). The rewards will be sent on Optimism Network.

Here’s what it will look like:

Sponsor Address Total Contributions (USD) GIVfactor GIVbacks
Public Nouns 0xda04c025F4d8Ac555Fdb3497B197D28FCEcf4d41 20,814 0.60 995,091.6335
Aragon Project 0xD6B270DFEE268B452c86251Fd7e12Db8dE9200FB 6,000 0.60 286,852.5896
Glo Dollar 0x1bbfc95b826693bf17665f36a66ac9c389b7e581 1,500 0.60 71,713.1474
Jordi Baylina 0x1DBA1131000664b884A1Ba238464159892252D3a 1,000 0.60 47,808.7649

This means that we will distribute a total of 1,401,466.1354 GIV to these superstars!

This forum post will stay up for 48 hours for advice process before finalizing the distribution. Please leave any comments or concerns you may have during this time.


Love to see the Quadratic Force being rewarded for supporting QF rounds at Giveth!

Thanks so much @WhyldWanderer for tracking all of this data and coordinating the GIVbacks :slightly_smiling_face:


The vote to distribute these funds is now up in the OP Aragon DAO:


The vote has passed and these GIVbacks have been distributed on Optimism! :rocket:

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Thank you so much for being a part of the Quadratic Force!

QF rounds on Giveth would not have been possible without your support.