Sea Of Hertz Radio / Giv Projects Interview

Name - Sea Of Hertz / Giveth
Project duration - 3 months
Podcast/audio duration - 30 minutes per project

Partnership with Sea Of Hertz and Giveth to create content around 6 Giveth projects.
Miguel B will interview exceptional Giveth project owners to create a 30 minute podcast with each one.

Each interview will be uploaded to Giveth’s Youtube in podcast format.
The sound bites will be used to create 6 audio teaser to promote each project on twitter.

  • Highlight Giveth’s projects with good performing
  • Amplify the platform through creating organic content.
  • Cross Promotion from 1Hive Twitter account.
  • Each interview will be live streamed from Discord to Giveth’s Twitter and Youtube
  • Each interview will be edited and cleaned ready to upload to Youtube

Team Information

@miguelb: pre-production, production, host, edit audio, audio teaser
@sapote: stream into youtube/twitter
blume: graphic design

Previous work


Im Miguel, and im a musician producer and I have a segment in 1hive about DAO and web3 projects news and independent music for LatAm communities in spanish we have an engagement about 20-50 listeners per show we also have onboarding about 14 music bands through this show.


  • 8 - 30 minute interviews with Giveth projects
  • 30 - 2 minute soundbites for tweets/social media posts

6 Audio teaser
6 Interviews
3 Banners
3 Poaps
3 Streams

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of GIV requested:
750 usd

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Funds will be split into the SOH Team


Thank you @miguelb for jumping in to provide value to the Giveth community with such great energy, enthusiasm, and good vibes!

Project interviews are something that has been talked about quite a bit within Giveth especially in Comms and in the Community Circle… I love that we are taking steps to activate our Spanish speaking community more and I think this is a great place to start…

1Hive and Giveth have partnered on a lot of initiatives already and I am happy to support more <3
I think our teams can come up with some fun cross-promotion campaigns that will benefit both communities! 1Hive already has a pretty large audience and so does Giveth.

Thanks again for posting this… I support your proposal 100%!


Hey! I’ve been following your Web3 / media journey and experienced the value you are bringing to the community building good quality products.
Would love to support this project further and help plan and structure comms/community strategy from Giveth’s end.


Love this proposal! Great to see initiative to create more Spanish content. I’m not familiar with Sea of Hertz but I’ll definitely paying attention to your shows and I’m super interested in seeing these interviews with different projects in Giveth!

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@miguelb I love this initiative and think we can extract a lot of value for cross channel promotion from this content.

I’m wondering though…would it be possible to do it in video format instead? That way we can get more mileage out of the content produced and video is a top performing medium. I feel like if it’s video we would get so much more out of this great initiative :slight_smile: especially for posting on our youtbue channel, website and using it as promo material with other partners etc

Thanks for the proposal!

Can we consider creating an official podcast and have ongoing interviews and shows? We could use or something similar and publish the show on Google Podcasts, Soundcloud etc.

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Chiming here as I helped @miguelb with the proposal creation, would be great to have video format, but will be more expensive, and I know Sea of Hertz right now is audio only.

I think after checking the results of this first deliverable (If the proposal pass) , would be good to review the results and feedback around how to make it better ( same around the podcast conversation). But my thoughts are right now to keep audio only, and social media materials to test and polish afterwards.


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Hi :slight_smile: WhyIdWandered help me to pull up the deposit, thank you so much for that. I also wanna change the deposit address cause I made this new address just for the proposal and I prefer to change it for this one 0x7311b7bf2f004b8070efAf4A130348EEB18EF369 thank you so much for your support

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Looks like a great proposal. Thanks @miguelb !

This proposal is now up in the GIVgarden!

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