ShapeShift shared liquidity proposal

ShapeShift shared liquidity proposal

$250k in Shared Liquidity for FOX<>GIV on Honeyswap, split between Giveth and ShapeShift

Proposal Information


$250k token swap with ShapeShift and Giveth treasury, in order to deposit $1M FOX<>GIV LP on Honeyswap.

Proposal Description:

Giveth and ShapeShift have both expressed interest in splitting DAO-owned liquidity for FOX<>GIV on Honeyswap, funded from each DAO’s Treasury.

We’ll complete the following in order to execute the treasury swap:

  1. Giveth requests $250k in GIV, simultaneously requesting $250k in FOX from ShapeShift.
  2. On passing, GIV will be sent to Shapeshift’s DAO Treasury and FOX will be sent to our Gnosis Safe.
  3. Tokens will be added to the FOX<>GIV shared liquidity pool on Honeyswap

Proposal Rationale:

Giveth and ShapeShift have a strong connection and aligned interests for the future of Web3. Sharing liquidity brings synergy to both projects:

  • DAO-owned liquidity is a good long-term token liquidity solution vs. renting liquidity with rewards.
  • Strengthens the friendship between ShapeShift and Giveth - both communities are incentivized to act in each other’s interest.
  • Shared liquidity acts as treasury diversification for both DAOs.

Expected delivery date:

Upon each proposal passing, both DAOs will aim to have liquidity added to Honeyswap within a week.

Team Information:




  • Share liquidity with ShapeShift
  • Don’t share liquidity with ShapeShift

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Nice! yeah! I love these shared liquidity proposals with close partners. A great way to support both our economies. Happy to be on the multisig


Great. I will work on bringing this over to the shapeshift team, as well. I also forgot to add a vote here :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this proposal but I think we can implement an easier solution to create less overhead for both DAOs. By this proposal perhaps setting the standard, if we have to create a DAO (multisig) for each co-liquidity pool I think it creates a lot of administrative bloat. Perhaps a simpler solution would be to swap 100k worth of tokens and then LP it with our own treasury funds, held by our xdai main multisig that currently is handling the same sort of task with other token swaps.

  • Shared liquidity acts as treasury diversification for both DAOs.

This would perhaps make truer this point here. In the case of havng a separate multisig for the LP then neither org really has control of the asset, nor does either benefit clearly from the swap fees. In terms of mutual accountability, having each direct accesss to it’s respective share of LP tokens would make it easier for one side to terminate the agreement or manage its own treasury’s funds.

This is a great idea. I can edit the proposal to reflect this.

Wouldn’t the LP position grow, which would then be split in half at the new size if/when removed, which would benefit both parties for holding larger LP position?

Very much agree with this.

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Honestly I think it is better if there is a multisig w signers from each DAO. This way both DAOs have to consent before selling liquidity. It’s much cleaner… like an on-chain contract.

The administration work seems mostly to be at the initialization of everything. setting up the multisig and then providing liquidity… holding LP tokens doesn’t require coordination. We only need to revist if/when we want to do something with those LP tokens, and I think this just be at the collaborative consent of both parties.


I’m quickly finding out from managing many multisigs that the adminsitrative overhead is ongoing - all the cat-herding becomes more confusing, remembering multisig names - who’s on them, what their address is, if they’re online… it really isn’t as simple as I had once thought. it’s also much more beneifical for each org to hold it’s own portion of LP tokens. Being able to control your own assets, especially in the context of a collaboration allows for another level of mutual accountability.

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@mitch so basically each DAO could do it’s own token swap, and LP their tokens on their own multi sig, instead of entering a pool with the other DAO on a joint multi sig? I like this idea. Much easier for Giveth to make changes the an LP position if needed.


yes exactly. Each DAO would hold it’s own LP tokens in their own multisig or other form of DAO treasury

What’s the story with this? Would love to see some movement :smiley:

Was Shapeshift DAO cool with the idea of splitting the tokens like this?

If not, lets just go with the way that works and move on to the next Swap :smiley: I expect to work on like 4-5 deals in ETHDenver with other groups.

We track all our multisigs here, I think the “it’s annoying to have the multisig overhead” is not a strong enough reason to prevent us from acquiring liquidity. We have a deadline, let’s stop paying for farming in 4 months huh? To do that we need to get 2-3 million GIV in pools that we control… LFG.

I have posted a proposal over in the ShapeShift DAO for them to discuss the FOX / GIV swap idea.

Here is the link:


hey @GBeast can you keep this forum thread updated with any polls or useful information for Givethers - I see there are multiple threads inside the shapeshift forum but that’s not as useful for on the Giveth side if we need to have polls for soft consensus.

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Here is a link to the updated proposal over in Shapeshift. It has been advanced to the “Ideation” phase

Key Changes:
Swap size increased. Total pool now at $1Million (50/50 FOX/GIV)

There were 3 questions that I would like input on in the proposal:

a. Question: What chain and dex should we select to host the pool

b. Question: What is the best way to manage the wallet that controls the LP tokens?

c. Question: Should Giveth use the same pool as ShapeShift does? Or would it be better if we created a pool on a different chain and/or dex? The first option would have more liquidity, the second option might reach more users.

So not much new happening over on the ShapeShift side of this proposal.

There has been 1 suggestion that they use their new Gnosis Safe to hold their LP tokens, which helps to answer one of the questions that were posed.

On the Giveth side, do we have any feedback as to whether we would put our liquidity into the same pool, or would we rather create a 2nd pool on another DEX?

I would be inclined to put it in the same pool, to achieve greater overall liquidity.

Is there a particular DEX and chain we would like to use?

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Well I think there are reasonable arguments for both mainnet & gnosis chain. My thoughts…

GIV/FOX on honeyswap on gnosis chain makes sense because we have the FOX RegenFarm on gnosis, and we already have a little FOX held by our Giveth multisig on gnosis chain that we were going to use for liquidity. It’s also nice to have some hefty gnosis chain liquidity because we are going to do the angel vault and have a bunch of GIV liquidity for that on mainnet already… thinking about solutions for when we shut off the GIVfarm.

GIV/FOX on mainnet makes sense because FOX has a lot of mainnet liquidity already… and actually, right now, we have more GIV liquidity on gnosis chain than mainnet (because no angel vault yet). I don’t have a good arguement for any particular dex on mainnet.

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+1 for GIV/FOX on Honeyswap / Gnosis Chain - let’s support our network of choice, also heck mainnet gas fees.

I’m good on either chain or any DEX personally… If I had to pick something, I would say Gnosis Chain on Honeyswap because most of our emissions happen on xDai (GIVbacks, GIVgarden proposals, nrGIV proposals, GIVdrop claims, etc) and we have the routing stuff sorted on Honeyswap and it’s always nice to support 1hive.

If on mainnet, I’d just go for Uniswap since it has the best trading volume by far.

Any updates on this proposal @GBeast ? This Token Swap seems to be taking a really long time. What can we do to expedite this processs further?

So far there are 9 votes in favor and 0 opposed over on the Shapeshift side.

The suggestion there is also to use the Gnosis chain, so I think we have agreement there.

I’d say we can move it to a final Snapshot vote at this point.