Should we begin publishing quarterly DAO stats?

Hey team! I was chatting with @yass and @Franco a few weeks back about getting some metrics from our DAOs, to provide to investors and platforms such as DeepDAO. I went deep of course and pulled up some interesting metrics to measure the performance and health of our governance structures. :bar_chart:

For me, our governance structures are super interesting, I think we’ve built something really unique, taking some best practices from the ecosystem and building our own from scratch. The governance features of the GIV token I think are often undersold and are actually a big part of it’s current utility; maybe having some published statistics would produce more engagement inside of our many platforms, and more GIV HODLers.

This got me thinking, would it be useful to any of you to produce quarterly stats on the performance of our governance platforms? :thinking:

This would include the following platforms:

  • nrGIV DAO
  • GIVgarden
  • Snapshot
  • Forum
  • Tokenlog
  • Giveth Main and Liquidity Multisigs

Which could include statistics like:

  • Contributor participation
  • Community participation
  • Forum engagement
  • Active voters

The statistics could also produce some actionable items such as:

  • Refining our multisig signers
  • Slashing nrGIV from inactive voters (use it or lose it!!)
  • Produce better governance documentation

Looking at the scope of the aforementioned work, it would probably take me 10-15 hours quarterly to produce a “DAO stats” forum post. :clock1:

I would like to get signalling here to see if you guys think this a worthwhile endeavour and also if there are any metrics particularly you would like us to keep track of.:chart_with_upwards_trend:


  • Yes!! Show me some stats!
  • No, probably not worth it…
  • I have ideas, comments or concerns and will post below!
  • Abstain

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YES! I support this proposal!! Thanks for putting this up Mitch. These stats would be useful for contributors, GIV holders and the community.

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I support!

I think publishing quarterly DAO stats could certainly add value, be a comms tool, and reveal more insights into how our DAO functions.

Do you mean something like this Gitcoin Dune dashboard? Perhaps this could be forked for Giveth? It would refresh automatically and give stats in real-time: GitcoinDAO: Governance & Financial overview

This looks interesting, the stats would be likely dramatically different since we are hoping to track 6 different platforms, some on-chain and others off-chain. there’s also lots of financial information and information about delegates which don’t exist currently in our system

We also need to think about the development cost of making this system which would then become a much larger project that I frankly don’t have the time or skills to accomplish

Have some questions @mitch How does these metrics look like? Are they actually attractive for investors & show growth? I frankly don’t know how healthy Governance metrics look like, compared to other DAOs I mean. But just by chiming in and listening sometimes to the Governance call, it gets very repetitive “no action in the Snapshot, there’s nothing happening here and there”…

I have some concerns (coming from my ignorance)… Thinking in the monthly commitment of posting this, are we sure each month the stats will show growth and not the opposite?, I would not like this having the contrary effect. Or the propose of the post will be to show transparency even tho some times the graphics may not be favorable or look static?

But again, asking bc I dont know the tendency behind…

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I think it would be more important for some internal metrics - If we realize that maybe the only people participating in our governance is our core contributors then perhaps that presents a problem somewhere else?

Also I would like to look at inside our group of contributors who is participating in governance and who isn’t - there is no pressure to participate in governance but at the end, non-participants holding tokens or sitting on our multisigs only make our processes less efficient.

To clarify I don’t think this is an interesting metric for investors but as some point we ourselves need to see if we’re growing, right?

And also to clarify this is not monthly but as mentioned, quarterly - every 3 months.


oh you’re right “quarterly”.
Cool! Now I get the objective behind this effort, “Not for investors, but ourselves to see if we’re growing”, and I guess schedule a session to review and/or present and have brainstorm sessions to improve.

Agree 100%

These stats will help to keep the governance tools updated, It’s a yes from me!

I think this could be very interesting. I also think that it might make sense to do it quarterly, but we can start with one and then assess if it makes sense to do it quarterly :slight_smile:

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hopefully we can piggy back on this initiative to provide some dao stats: