Showing lawmakers in the US how crypto benefits real people

Hola! Andrew Yang announced the forming of Lobby3 at ETH Denver. Their primary need right now is finding stories of everyday people benefiting from web3 tech. The Giveth community is a perfect place to find stories like this. I’ve met with someone on their team and they are digging what the Giveth community is up to

Their next step is to get agreement on the specific kinds of stories they’re looking for and will get back with me. We have a follow up call on Monday March 7th at 1:00pm PST (9pm UTC) Is there anyone from team Giveth interested joining the call to hear what kind of stories they’re looking for and explore how we might collaborate with them?


Yes, please.
I’m an everyday person (up until joining Giveth a couple of weeks ago :wink: and the charity that I co-founded with my husband, has benefited from donations through Giveth. I’m not too techy yet but can speak about how the extra funds benefited our organisation.


Thank you, Clara! Can you link to your project? Will report back here the kinds of stories they’re looking for and let’s see how things line up. Curious, how did you find out about Giveth?

Thanks, I’d be happy too:
My husband Andreas has been interested in crypto for a few years and he found Giveth. A couple of years ago, our charity GRACE (Greenwich Refugee Aid & Community Entreprise) raised funds for a specific project through Giveth Trace. Andreas is happy to contribute too. Keep me posted and let us know how or where we could be useful.

This is a great project and especially relevant these days. I’ll post updates here! Thank you :slight_smile:

I look forward to hearing more. Thanks :smiley:

If you end up joining @clara_gr - it would be great if you were able to rely the info to comms and then we can create any next steps together :smiley: