Stepping down as Design WG Steward

Dear Community,

those of you who know me also know that I’ve been with Giveth since the early days. I’ve witnessed the transformation Giveth has done through the last 5 or more years (who counts!). My contribution has always been in the area of design working on creating the best possible user experience for our users.

My dream was to build a donation platform and a brand as we know it today. I’m very pleased that we achieved this milestone together!
Seeing Giveth today makes me really proud of all the work we’ve done in the past years. It wouldn’t be possible without the amazing community of passionate and talented people like you.

Apart from the dApp design and UX, my role was to establish a good design practice and a quality design team that will continue to support and grow with Giveth in the future. I’m proud of all designers who worked here before, and of those in which hands Giveth is safe today. Kudos to @rodri_castillo @Tossynee , and @msaeedi for their continuous support and passion to build the future of giving.

The design practice is still something that needs to be worked on. I laid out the foundation and showed the direction that we as a community need to take in order to build a better Web3 product that will scale and reach its full potential. I hope you will continue to embrace the design practice in this organization and support each other for the best of the product and our users.

My role as a design leader is not only recognized at Giveth, but in the wider Web3 community. Being a founding member of General Magic, simultaneously supporting multiple projects and active in other Web3 communities, it has become increasingly difficult and mentally challenging for me to balance the work and continue to add value to these projects in the capacity they need. It is in the best interest of these projects and communities to be fully supported with the expertise they need, and I’m not being able to deliver this right now.

As much as this is hard for me (really, really hard), I have to temporarily step down as Steward of the Design WG and pass over this responsibility to someone who will be able to dedicate more time to it, until I regain my strength and energy again.

I am not leaving Giveth, and I will continue to be around and support in the capacity I can, but I’m taking on fewer responsibilities for time being.
I will continue to provide council, advisory, and mentorship to designers and other community members.
I really, really hope to be back sooner than later.

I hope I’ll receive your full understanding and support in my decision, and I’d like to thank you for that in advance.



I support your decision but I wish you wouldn’t leave us this soon :frowning_face:
I learned a lot working with you! You are the best :heart:


We support your decision! and we are here to continue supporting Giveth! we will miss you so much! we know we count on you!
Thank you for teaching us so much and constantly supporting us! You are amazing as a person and as a profession! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Glad you can take some space for yourself, you deserve it.

You made Giveth what it is today, and your baby is growing up! You have assembled an incredible team that can hold down the fort, and keep this baby looking pretty.

That said, your leadership and level of excellence is irreplaceable. We will power through and figure it out but you will be very missed… I saw the word “temporarily” in there and that is the hopium I need to get thru this.

Love you Marko, thank you for everything.


Working with is a great process with lots of learning and development on my end because been great at helping out on a whole lot of things.
You are AMAZING Marko. Thanks for everything.


aww wow Marko, full understanding and support is easy.

Feeling you too, in that space of knowing how hard it is to step back from something we love tending so much…

…and, loving YOU so much for taking care of yourself in the ways that allow you to take good care of projects in the bigger picture of our shared missions!

Thank you for sharing your heart and your art with Giveth.


I have to admit that I, like Griff, saw the word “temporarily” and am holding onto that!! Also “will continue to be around”, “I am not leaving Giveth” “hope to be back sooner” :sweat_smile:

Since I started at Giveth, you have been a critical part of the team. I love your sense of humour and how you are confident & strong in your opinions. You are an amazing designer, and do so much to make the user experience simple, clean, smooth, beautiful and so much more.

I’ve learned a lot from all the many debates we’ve had in comments in the figma.

I’m glad you are taking time to create more space and balance. I am grateful that we will still have you around for advice. I hope that one day we can lure you back in with #highvibes, appreciation, praise & a stellar mission. You are one-of-a-kind, completely irreplaceable, and Giveth would never have been the same without your efforts.


Thank you very much for understanding and support @msaeedi @rodri_castillo @Tossynee @Griff @Danibelle @karmaticacid

@Griff You’re right, it’s temporary, I would like to have the ability to get back soonest possible.

@karmaticacid Thank you so much, the learnings were mutual :slight_smile: I appreciate all conversations, debates and ideas you brought to the table.