Survey - Help needed with MBA research

Hi Giveth team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I’m looking for help with my MBA research survey for my thesis titled “Charity Version 2.0: Exploring the Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Transparent and Accountable Giving”.

It’s a quick, 3-minute questionnaire with just 10 questions on your blockchain endeavors.

Each participant’s insights will not only contribute to the research but will also earn them a copy of the report.

Would love to have Giveth participate - and perhaps if possible help connect with registered charities in the ecosystem.

Deadline for the survey is the 19th of April.

Best, DanielofAnu

@mitch Daniel is a project owner on our platform to give more context and even though I know you are coming back from some time away, hope you can help finish this survey for him by the 19th of April