The Development Steward Debate!

The hot topic as of late has been to pick who the heck is going to be the steward of the development circle! It seems like its super hard for all of us to decide and we’ve continually put this issue back into the backlog every sprint! :wink: There’s been some healthy discussion in the Discord I’d like to repost here for context and then we’ll put this into a final vote so we can move into a ratification process and put this one to bed!! Some in-depth comments are here below for Context:

MoeNick -

think : 1- Amin did some coding in io project and recently contribute in code reviewing on backend side, so he knows io business and codes. So it shouldn’t be a reason for having another steward for this project. 2- He also had the experiences of leading front-end devs, in both trace and token economy. 3- He also knows recent methods of CI/CD and DevOps procedures. 4- He knows all of our products, from bridge and stimulation, to even dAppnode, so he can easily onboard new comers to each project. He’s also familiar with working with smart contracts. 5- He is also familiar with Security and Testing. (edited)

So I believe, he is the person who can do resource allocations between projects, as well as onboarding new people and also evaluating participants. (edited)

I don’t see any strong reason for having 2 stewards, unless the time-zone issues which reduces communication effectiveness. It can be resolved by a western-located project manager instead of having another steward. (edited)


My vote would still be with @MoeNick the development team needs someone with strong organizational skills and the bandwidth to put them to use. I see Amin and Mateo both doing great work but in terms of organizing meetings, building roadmaps and managing sprint progress, you’re already doing these things and those are the qualities and habits that are needed to be an effective steward!


  1. think a critical aspect of being an effective steward is seeing the big picture of Giveth - our MVV, our global goals - and then being both driven and flexible in order to make that happen. Assuming that everyone nominated actually wants the role, I vouch for @MateoDaza , here’s why:
  • he is engaged in supporting other WGs including governance, comms, GIVeconomy
  • I think being able to communicate effectively and align with other circles is very important for the WG lead
  • he is super value-aligned, and is constantly going above and beyond to support, teach and mentor other team members including myself, Mitch, Ashley, Hannah
  • he is very invested in the success of Giveth (with the best of intentions) and comes up with many creative ways to improve problems we might have otherwise not even thought of… some examples:
    migrating to next.js to improve DApp performance, proposing improvements to the quality score, improving projects on w the listed/unlisted guide & the admin dashboard, finding ways to make things more resilient… remember this? Make our Giveth.IO dApp more resilient before GivEconomy deploy
  • He is always keep an eye out on the total ecosystem and trying to make sure we succeed - and purely out of genuine interest/love for our mission
  • he has already been engaged in participating in improving the sourcecred/PAN payout allocations… - >- he is experience(d) with the technical elements of this and, as the person responsible to overseeing the distro for the WG, I think overtime he would just make it better and better until we didn’t need as much manual input
  • he is committed to Giveth - he has been eating, sleeping and breathing Giveth for a year and it always showing up 100% - he has even given talks and repped us in spanish!!

I think Moenick is still the best person to be the product manager… organizing meeting, building roadmaps, managing sprint progress, and I’m also thinking that the main responsibilities of WGs leaders could be a bit different… i.e., ensure that the team is aligned w all other working groups, and aligned with the big picture mission, determine fair PAN payment allocations, etc.


  1. Hey everyone What are the responsibilities of stewards?, I tried to read from the forum but I couldn’t find anything that described completely what is it. about what @Lauren said I think it’s good that Stewart have good communication with other teams and circles but internal communications are more important than that. Thanks to @MateoDaza that onboarded some of the comms team members like Ashley, Lauren, Mitch and also helped us to dive into givethio projects but I think it’s very important that someone who is in charge helps the members of the circle, as I know few hours in a day @Amin spend to support DEVs, code review and onboard devs, we have him in all daily meetings in Development circle, at least 2 or 3 times in a week he has one to one meetings with me, cherik and Ramin ( and maybe others that I don’t know) for brainstorming, for discussion about best solutions, … so I think the internal communication and support of Amin is the best in the Development team for sure. and I have another question, why don’t we decide for stewards in teams? I think everyone who is in the team has the best sense about who can do the steward’s job ( as I can’t measure who is the better candidate to be the steward in comms team) Mateo, Ramin, Cherik are all great team members, they are all responsible and available for help, but the one I mostly ask from him, the more senior one, the one who can help all team members, the one with the most experience (in Giveth and in IT industry), and the one who can measure our performances is Amin. (edited)


Like Mohammad, I couldn’t find a clear definition of steward. But based on this
Circle and Working Group Steward Nominations - #16 by Danibelle

I see @MoeNick better candidate for this role because:

  • Has good understanding of roadmap and can prioritize development efforts
  • He tries his best to provide sufficient information to dev team and remove blockers
  • Has strong communication with community, devs and design team. He is good contact point to know what’s going on in development
  • He is the best in resource allocation in order to align with roadmap goals

I may have missed other benefits of making him stewards. Though at Giveth helping each other is a routine :slightly_smiling_face: it’s my pleasure to state that I am up to help him on any aspect of this role if he likes, particularly mentorship, onboarding and resource allocation

  • Amin
  • MoeNick
  • Mateo

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Leadership is much more than titles, leaders are not chosen nor get voted, they got followed, smoothly in the long run.
So If the steward’s responsibility is more than communication and aligning, no matter who is elected, it will do it’s job with titles or without titles.


Re: Amin has accepted the nomination and asked MoeNick for support! MoeNick agrees to offer support for Amin!

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