The future of Giveth TRACE - One year later

Its now one year after we opened the can of worms that lead to the untangling of our TRACE app. Since then, Rinkeby has shutdown and I recently had a talk with @willy - who was footing the bill for it all since our credits on Azure ran out. Not all of it was Trace, but still.

So - we support a lot of infrastructure to a site which probably does not get too many visits, or mentions. We could also maybe display a little website that shows the flow if we are superproud of it, or put a global redirect there.

I want to open the can of worms again and ask the DAO another time if we want to support TRACE for another cycle.

I’m not sure if there are any consequences or implications of shutting it down, but what I’m hearing is we’re supporting something that appears to be a technical debt.

In such case I vote for shutdown.
I may change my opinion if the majority provide reasonable arguments and it’s not at the expense of the DAO.