The Giveth Connect Working Group

Hi Giveth Community,

We’re Melody, Claire, and Rainer. Our team comes from the world of nonprofits with a background in fundraising and accounting and experience in founding, mentoring, managing and developing social enterprises, NGOs and community projects for social good. Melody is a professional NGO fundraiser and consultant. Claire is a project owner with Giveth and founder of an NGO. Rainer is a organizational consultant and one of the pioneers in social entrepreneurship in Germany.

We have recently joined the Giveth team with some previous experience of blockchain for non-profits (Popcorn DAO and GRACEAid project on giveth.trace &

Proposal Rationale

Giveth aims to be a game-changer for social impact and traditional philanthropy. It has an opportunity to become a remedy for problems in the existing social system including power inequality when it comes to money talk, technocracy, impact orientation, and nonprofit scarcity mindset etc. There is no easy solution for any of these issues but it’s critical to avoid making similar mistakes when building a new standard. Therefore, it is essential to examine these issues with an approach that incorporates 1) expertise in the social impact sector; 2) diversity of perspectives; 3) a user-centric mindset.

Therefore, we propose a working group that combines the following tasks: building of a social impact expert knowledge base, understanding donors/projects needs, designing user support experience, and creating strategic outreach opportunities.

We hope to complement and fill in some gaps for the work of the Giveth Communications Circle whose goals are:

  • Build Community around For-Good Projects
  • Offer a Clear & Supportive Onboarding Process
  • Coordinate External and Internal Communications
  • Create a Network of Partners

What is the Giveth Connect Work Group?

The ‘Giveth Connect Work Group’ aims to build a communications’ ‘bridge’ between Web3 public good and the general public good sectors. We want to address biases, misinformation, accessibility and the steep learning curve, especially for non-technical and non-crypto native users.

Our Goals

We have highlighted six key areas where the Connect workgroup can add value and depth to Giveth.

  • Expertise on social impact: Create and integrate messaging and mechanisms that ensure projects are as precise as possible about their real social impact and that ensure donors fund them in the most liberating and empowering way.

  • Qualitative Curation: Develop a “trust-rating” system to curate projects that can be presented to the community that serves as a transition to a more decentralized model.

  • Engagement: Develop a user-centered strategy to increase new-user engagement within the Giveth community on and Discord. Implement necessary research to incorporate donors’ and projects’ voices into engagement and curation strategies.

  • Outreach: Outreach, through thought-leadership, to general public good sector and more presence on traditional social media (Facebook/LinkedIn).

  • Accessibility: Make accessibility a priority and focus on non-technical and non-Web3 native users through development of communication strategy for non-technical and non-crypto native users.

  • Logistical support for onboarding and off-ramping: Enhance the experience for project on-boarding, raise standard of project pages through creation of best-practice reference resources, establish a global network of local support for off-ramping.

See proposal on Off-Ramping data collection: Off-Ramping Resource to Support Projects

How We Work

We hope to fill in the gaps specifically with regard to developing and educating new users and will work closely with the Giveth Communication Circle, Giveth Verification team, as well as the Giveth Communication team. We would love to involve team members who have worked with projects, donors, have user experience and user research specialty themselves, or are simply interested to help with any of our goals above.

We will also include group liaisons, usually stewards of other working groups, to get their perspectives and coordinate work flows. For example, some team members have already started the work of improving project onboarding: our working group will provide insights and ownership for those projects that are specifically for users who are non-technical and non-crypto native.

Miro Board

We use Miro as a tool to visualize data, collect evidence and references, and gather ideas from the community to design our work flow. It will remain a central data and contribution whiteboard. Please see link below:


We do not require an initial budget. However, at the end of each month, the working group may submit a budget to reward unpaid contributors.

:unicorn: Team

Group co-stewards: ClaraZi. Rainer, and Melody who will each be responsible for the specific work-streams.

Key contributors: ahmad, bends, Jahanzaib, okiave, Tossynee, WhyIdWanderer,

Giveth liaisons: ahmad, WhyIdWanderer

:unicorn: Unicorn’s Experience

Melody Qian Song:

Melody Song, MA CFRE has extensive experience in nonprofit management, international fundraising, innovation and IDEA (Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access) in the social sector. A Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), Melody has been working in the leadership role in the charitable sector for fifteen years. She is also a community builder and educator in the social sector to facilitate change through advocacy, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. She is an experienced facilitator and coach and a MBA Lecturer for Berlin International University.


Bio: A qualified accountant in banking in the first half of my career but quickly became disillusioned with the corporate world. Becoming a mum forced me to seek an alternative path in search of work-life balance. This set me free to explore a passion in social good and social enterprise where I set-up a registered charity supporting refugees and destitute people in the local area, as well as a ‘bulk’ organic supermarket specializing in reducing plastic waste, fairtrade and vegetarian products. I found Giveth when our charity raised funds on giveth.trace. I am committed to making Giveth fundraising accessible to the not-for-profit sector.

Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz:
I’m a lifelong learner and artist that has grown up outside of traditional systems of education and economic inclusion. Those experiences of finding myself an insider and outsider throughout my journey inform my awareness of the role culture and communications norms have in supporting orientation and inclusion of others. I spend a lot of time researching history and systems from an ethnocultural lens because it helps me understand archetypes for mental models. As a father of an introvert and extrovert I’m realizing what it’s like to experience and design social experiences that feel accessible to broader neuro diversity types. I’m especially curious about the way digital tools are shaping human neurology and society.

Rainer Höll:

Rainer is one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Germany. His professional background includes a 10 year executive career at Ashoka, the world’s largest network for social entrepreneurs. During this time, he personally advised more than 100 social entrepreneurs in Europe and founded and initiated 10+ organizations and programs supporting social innovation and the purpose economy. He is also an ICF-certified executive coach and an expert in consulting and coaching teams and organizations on their path to self-organization. As CEO of Ashoka Germany, he transformed his own organization into a completely distributed leadership model, abandoning all formal hierarchies.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and working with the rest of the Giveth community to bring our connection with the social impact sector to the next level.

Melody, Claire & Rainer

  • Yes, let’s do it!
  • No, I am not convinced.

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FINALLY YES YES YES!!! :slight_smile:
This is very much needed and I’m very very happy seeing this proposal, and looking forward to having expert support to guide and influence our product decisions for broader market reach and overall product success. Thank you!

I wouldn’t limit this to Comms Circle, Platform Circle, in particular Design WG would benefit A LOT from insights you provide. We must work close together.

I’d like to learn more details about this idea and approach, and discuss this further with you.

Besides comms strategy, we need technical and design support in order to succeed with accessibility of our product for Non-Web3 users.

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Hi Griff,

Last time we spoke was CM years ago. Nice to see Giveth exists and is building.

My only input is the incentive structure seems a bit soft. How to stimulate outsiders? They want returns.

I know a bit boring. But that’s all I can say at the moment.

For sure we are happy to work with the Design team. Had talked with the Marketing team and everyone agrees that messaging and onboarding are different for user level 101 (completely new to crypto), 201 (a little knowledge and only starting) and 301 (crypto-native). For 101s, awareness is key (we won’t be messaging about Give Economy at all as they probably wouldn’t even know what crypto is about). The gap is quite large. Same for design, an onboarding for 101 will be very different from crypto native. We also agreed that Giveth has been doing very well with 301 level users but really need to improve on 101 (awareness) and 201 (further education). Would love to see design reflect this too.

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Thanks for the reply. It seems that Giveth or any other crypto projects are having a heard time appealing to non-crypto organizations because of the learning curve. Our group has the experience (in fact over 50 years combined) and network within the nonprofit world to get awareness out. As a professional nonprofit fundraiser, I think the market of crypto donors is an indicator of a future generation of donors and how they want to be engaged. When fundraisers realize this, they would want to know more and get invovled with a new revenue stream. We are already receiving overwhelming interests in having members of our group to talk in conferences and professional associations. So the interests is definitely broadening. However, that said, this is only the awareness of crypto donation and how blockchain can be used for good not anywhere near Give Economy and all the other visions of Giveth. That will definitely take time.

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Absolutely! Looking forward collaborating with you on that. Design WG can provide user research and user testing, among all other design work that we do.

cc @Tossynee @msaeedi

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I like this 101, 201 and 301 distinction.

Are there any legal implications for facilitating/creating spaces for fiat - crypto exchanges? i.e in countries where crypto is outright banned or heavily regulated.

What does success look like for the Giveth Connect WG? How would it measure itself to know if its reaching its goals?

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Great questions! In terms of success, we are hoping to engage more users (especially those who are not crypto-native) to be engaged with crypto and Giveth. I also see diversity and inclusion a serious problem that threatens the sustainability of the Web3 ecosystem. Engaging “nomies” in an accessible way not only can help Giveth (maybe) but more so the entire community if the goal is to spread the Giv-economic model. We can measure by number of audience reached, new projects sign up, types of projects sign ups etc. For example, we will be speaking at some nonprofit conferences already and gifting to nonprofit intermediaries to create awareness, education, as well as encourage new users to use the platform. These are trackable activities (already talking about a solution for central tracking outreach general marketing impact with the marketing team).

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Solid observation and great distinction by @qqsong that KPI metrics would be based on the engagement of education outreach efforts.

I’m personally able to provide resources and connect dots where I can to “off ramping” into local fiat through a few other projects I have access to. There are legal implications to each jurisdiction because of intricate political and economic aspect of money services.

In some places it’s simple as field partner who is licensed to distribute humanitarian aid funds. In other places it requires agreements w/ telecom providers in region to access last mile communities via mobile phone bank systems like MPESA.

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Thank you for referring me to this group; happy to read the thread and see movement on this important aspect of Giveth as a platform that helps charitable people and projects do good works by providing access to regenerative crypto-philanthropy.

Please let me know of upcoming discussions on the topic - I work with a fleet of project owners who have feedback and needs for more effective and efficient off-ramping!

Thanks so much for your comment. @danibelle , we now have a channel called Giveth Connect. Also DM me or Claire for one on one meeting any time!

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