Top-up proposal – for the security audit of smart contracts at the core of GIVeconomy

:wave: Hello, Giveth community folks, :wave:

Thank you for your overwhelming support for our security audit proposal that just passed on GIVgarden. By the way, our team has decided to stake 100% of our share of the grant into GIVgarden.

You, @griff, commented that we should consider creating a top-up proposal, since the purchasing power of GIV has dramatically decreased. It halved from the time we submitted to the time it got executed. Thus, we are looking at creating a new $20K proposal.

The funds will be used for the same purpose – to finish the work in the current scope, to create a report and to remunerate our hackers and auditors. Our work continues apace. We look forward to presenting our results. We have already shared some of our findings with the Giveth security team. (1)

As a reminder, here is what the outcome of the audit will be:

  1. Summary of the audit report. This will be an easily understood description of the audit and its results for a wide audience. It will include a high-level narrative of found vulnerabilities with a corresponding impact level. It will also include the description of smart contracts’ compliance with the security best practices.

  2. A detailed technical report that will include:

    • Review of the architecture
    • References to best smart contract coding practices
    • Description of found vulnerabilities, and how to address them
    • Recommendations for developers
  3. A presentation of the report to the Giveth team

  4. Subsequent consultations with our team in order to answer any questions.

  5. As well, we will present a proposal for a phase II audit with an expanded scope.

In order to complete this initiative we respectfully request a top-up grant in GIV tokens valued at USD $20,000. (As of 5:08am EST on June 17, 2022 USD $20,000 equates to GIV 347,826, at GIV price of $0.0575)

PowerInside is on a mission to make DAOs secure. Responding to Giveth’s mission β€œto build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give,” we want to protect DAO creators and those who give.

Ethereum Gnosis address where funds shall be transferred: 0x3DDC95f26D7ED06bBF6EE1B7a73e0a96799522fb

Here is the original executed proposal. We can answer any questions you may have.

Cheers :purple_heart: and happy giving


:wave: Hello, Giveth community folks, :wave:

We have now submitted our top-up proposal to the GIVgarden for your consideration and voting. Time flies and our work on the smart contract audit is almost complete. We are so thrilled to share all our findings with you.

Please have a look. Can you support us? Gardens

Here is a link to the original executed proposal. We can answer any questions you may have.

Cheers :purple_heart: and happy giving

NOTE: Due to the fluctuating price of GIV, the original requested amount of $20K, at the time of submission, came up to 368,256 GIV.


Excited to read all your findings! :star_struck:

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