Top up the devOPS multisig

Top up the devOPS operating multisig

Proposal description:
The devOPS multisig (currently - eth:0x57D21de42B12Ad58B2ccECA126Ed6f364C9eb6f2) is requesting the amount of 500 USD in mainnetETH
With these funds we will migrate our production-subgraphs to Arbitrum One and convert the rest to cover operational cost for publishing future updates to our graphs

Edit: We will also move the devOPS multisig to arbitrum one which sadly means deploying a new one and moving funds. After all has happened we should not forget to leave an update with the new address in this thread.

Proposal Rationale

We need to get a lot of blockchain data to feed Some of it is coming from a service called TheGraph. TheGraph decentralized over the past years and is now sunsetting its centralized services. In order to keep up using TheGraph we need to take part in the system in a different way than before that (instead of paying nothing) requires a substantial amount of funds to operate.

The good thing here is that at this point in time there is the option to do any interactions with their contracts on Arbitrum, which of course greatly saves gas cost.

It was agreed between the DApp stakeholders to migrate existing subgraphs to subgraph studio.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Within 36h of receiving the funds

Team Information

Signers on the multisig: Kay, MoeShehab, Amin, Nicolas

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Funding Information

Amount of ETH requested: 0.17 ETH

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x57D21de42B12Ad58B2ccECA126Ed6f364C9eb6f2

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: blackjack and ho… operational cost to interact with TheGraph subgraph studioThis text will be hidden