Topping Up the GIVstream's Smart Contract with GIV

In the Deployment Process, setting up Liquidity Pools on xDai to Deploy our GIVgarden (multiple times!) we ended up locking up 23,789.872 GIV, making our Token Distro short that amount. If no action was taken, 5 years from now, the Token distro would end up that many tokens short.

Due to people losing keys and/or people never claiming the GIVdrop, its very unlikely this will matter… but it would still be nice to feel complete!

So I propose the nrGIV DAO send 23,789.872 to the Token Distro.


vote is here! - Aragon

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new vote here with proper formatting :sweat_smile:

I messed up the formatting on the original vote on top of not having the right permissions - this new vote should resolve the issue

also when/if we install a finance app for managing the treasury these sorts of formatting errors should become impossible.

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