UBI-tokens acceptance

Hey champs!

Would you be so kind to create a category for projects accepting any UBI-based token, such as $UBI of Proof of Humanity and Circles? This would make a triple impact. First, allow the community to fund projects with their tokens. Second, align crypto UBI projects to promote Giveth as the space for the gift economy. And third, send you a flow of community members that are willing to participate and learn the cryptocommons way.

I think that adding this category to the directory along with two tags named PoH and Proof of Humanity, and the token address (0xdd1ad9a21ce722c151a836373babe42c868ce9a4) to the payment options are simple tasks that would generate a great impact.

I was thinking of creating a registry for Proof of Humanity-based projects, but then I would have fallen into the trap of everybody trying to build their own infrastructure when you have already built the gift economy platform. Furthermore, the example of PoH of using Giveth will attract other UBI-crypto projects to do the same, strengthening the ecosystem rather than diluting it.


Love it, funny I was just asking today to our DAO what new tokens we should be adding! This comes handy.
UBI of course will be added to that list, love the project <3 Not sure about Circle as I’m not clear they have a ERC20.

How many PoH based projects do you currently have? We can set a particular category for them if there are many! Another very simple, impactful and fast thing to do would be to add a checkmark for users that are humans on PoH.

Let’s keep the brainstorm and we can add some tasks on it for our upcoming planning calls


Circles are on xDai but there aren’t any group currencies yet… right now every person has their own ERC-20 and it wouldn’t make sense to add it… but when the group currencies come out, hopefully we can add those! :smiley:

Are there any other good UBI currencies on xDai or ETH?

These are the cryptoubi projects existing and mapped. As a note, on the 3rd of September, the UBI Blockchain Collective will gather, there are some of the projects listed participating in that gathering. I will quickly introduce Giveth and the potential integration that we could have to show community-based projects in here.

Adding $UBI within the token list will definitely be awesome and an example for others to request an integration :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mateodaza! :tada:

Currently, 7 projects that I am aware, but I assure you that once we have a place to put projects in, it will enable an decentralized entrepreneurship explosion!

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Hey champs, what is the state of this proposal? Would love to shill Giveth through the UBI community.

Hey Humberto! We added UBI to our token list :slight_smile: @mateodaza is the magician behind all this and can probably answer any other questions :star2: