Upgrading Giveth Operational Ecosystem

Hello Giveth Team,


This proposal revolves around how the

DaoLens DAO Manager platform

can refine the day-to-day operations of the Giveth Community through a well-defined and self-serve DAO Tooling infrastructure.

The influx of such a tooling mechanism shall result in a unified platform for most of the DAO’s operations including but not limited to the management of projects, discussions, proposals, off-chain/on-chain voting, bounties, and compensation. Considering how the current operation in your DAO leaves a massive scope for improvement and on top, most admins and members are losing the context of what concerns them amidst all the noise, such a platform shall be pivotal in how DAOs can flourish.

Based on our experience breaking down the daily operations of around 500 DAOs and Digital Communities, we have been able to redefine the operational infrastructure a DAO should adhere to for optimum operational efficiency. Below are some concepts on how Giveth Community can benefit from the DaoLens DAO Manager.

Problem Statements that we’ll solve:

1. Lack of motivation for Contributors:

It is tricky to maintain member retention within a DAO and rewarding tokens to the members on the completion of a bounty does not effectively build a sense of belongingness for the members.

2. Accessibility of Modules and absence of rules to group like-minded folks together:

DAO Admins should be able to establish Gating rules for Discussions, Bounties, Proposal creation, Project management, etc. to ensure only select/eligible folks are able to work on them. An absence of such gating results in noise in discussion forums and bounty boards, etc.

3. Lack of relevant Context:

Admins and Contributors, both tend to lose the context behind every bounty, proposal, and project because of the noise that exists on discussion platforms like Discourse and Discord.

4. Lack of Visibility:

While using multiple platforms for each type of operation, the Admins also lose the visibility of ‘what concerns them the most amidst all the noise?’

5. Inconvenient cross-DAO operations:

While most contributors are a part of multiple DAOs, it becomes quite difficult to track what concerns them the most for each. Juggling between multiple tools and tabs to get work done hinders the productivity of contributors and admins alike.

What does DAO Manager do?

The goal of the DAO Manager is to provide a solution that reduces friction in day-to-day DAO management. It shall do so by structuring a unified platform with modules for each type of operation including (but not limited to):

  1. Curation of Bounty Board
  2. Review and Compensation of Tasks and Bounties
  3. Creation and management of Discussions Forums
  4. Creation of Proposals
  5. On-Chain Voting on proposals (with multiple voting types available)
  6. Project management
  7. Custom section (courses, a marketplace of the DAO, to be highlighted with reference to what would make sense for the day)
  8. Gating rules for all of the above modules (NFT, NFT Traits, and Token-based gating to limit accessibility)
  9. Lastly, a Discovery platform brings your DAO to the visibility of the users more often.

Link to the DAO Manager platform.

Benefits of moving onto the DAO Manager:

Apart from solving the problem statements as mentioned above, the MVP of DAO Manager is a feature-packed platform to help you reduce the operational costs of managing multiple tools.

# Next Steps

The Giveth Community team can get in touch with DaoLens to build a testrun on the DAO Manager platform and get the DaoLens team to build any custom features that the Giveth Community community wants to see in the new community workspace. Once that’s done, we can discuss the migration of the current data onto the new workspace.

Happy to answer any questions about this.

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First … question i have (comment?) For the bounty side, that means someone outside of Giveth would setup bounties, handle the BountyHunter, and look through the code, offer advice to BH, some back and forth there… before accepted the job as finished, then connecting to the Giv Dev(s) and going through the result code to see if it fits?
How would this platform know what is needed, what steps etc.
(Im a background overseer (initial setup only) for bounty setups in more than one DAO. this seems to be the big blocker. The BH needs too much hand holding, and in the end, its faster/better to just do it themselves.

I don’t really have any context as to what this tool looks like or how it works! The link you provided for your website looks like it links to a notion page called “Follow-Ups-Completion” that I don’t have access to.

I see lots of sort of useful things that you say this tool could improve, but I have no idea what this tool is.

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Hey @Giantkin
Thanks for putting this question up.

DAOs and communities do operate in their own specific ways and have very custom requirements with respect to all such modules.

This seems to be a good use case. The team would be happy to chat and understand the exact use case to build a custom solution on top of it.
I would also need to better understand the flow preferably over a call if that’s feasible to take it up.

Meanwhile, I have edited the link in the Post above to lead you to the DAO Manager platform itself. It’d be awesome if you could play around with it. Post that, hopefully we can connect and chat how the DAO Manager can solve your specific problem statements.

sharing the link here as well: Contribution | Daolens

Looking forward to your response!

Hey there @mitch
Totally my bad! Thank you for pointing it out

I have edited the post with the link to the platform…
Do have a look at it. It’s a self serve platform so you can simply login and start creating a community from scratch or even import from Discord.

Would love to know your thoughts and feedback on it!

Anyway to see it without logging in? demo etc?

Hi @Giantkin
Sharing here a couple of more links for everyone’s reference:

Would love to know your feedback on this :raised_hands:

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I looked at this, (you also shared on another dao i am on) it looks really cool to me.
any cost to use? i couldnt find any reference to such.

other questions: any built in Migration tools from Various platforms etc. (forums )

Thanks for bringing this up. oh is this built on web3? like arweave for example?

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Hey there @Giantkin,
Glad you liked it Ser!

For the time being there is no cost associated, although in the future we shall take up a freemium pricing model for the platform.
Would be awesome to understand you feedback on the solution and how you think we can make it better.

We are just taking Discourse migration live to easily transfer historical data. We’ll be integrating other platforms as well.

I am not exactly able to comprehend the last questions, the platform is for sure chain agnostic. If you’d like a specific type of custom development, the team is happy to have a chat about it.

Would be awesome to understand how we can take it up!

Hey! Thanks for posting this proposal.

I’m certainly excited to see more DAO management tools being developed. Gosh knows we need it, jumping around so many platforms; Discord, Notion, Aragon, forums, DeWork, etc. is exhausting and difficult to onboard new contributors.

I have several questions:

  1. I’m wondering if DAO manager has plug-ins to migrate our existing data and history? (From all of the platforms I listed above. I see how this tool can be helpful for new DAOs, but we have so much institutional history documented on these platforms).
  2. What are your educational resources to onboard new DAOs to DAO Manager?
  3. What clients do you have who are currently using DAO Manager? Are any of them similar to us (Size, history)?
  4. We have a Discord Bot called Praise, that’s embedded into our work culture (helps with motivation) how would you propose migrating Discord Bots, or is there a Bot function in DAO Manager?

We need to know a lot about your product and have user cases before I think we’d consider migrating. This is such a big tasks, kinda low key like The Merge.


Hi @hanners717
Likewise!! It’s the reason why we are consistently shipping out new features onto the platform and defining better community management.

To resolve your queries above:

  1. We are already live with a plugin to migrate data from Discourse and currently working on plugins for Discord migration and Notion migration as well. Dework and Aragon are two platforms we are starting to look into for migration. Nevertheless, the team is capable enough to handhold through the entire migration process.

  2. The educational resources are currently being drafted. Meanwhile sharing a quick Loom video explaining how to get started with the DAO Manager: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

  3. We are currently working with the following prominent communities/DAOs/Ecosystems:

  • Polygon Village: currently developing a custom platform for the communities operating under Polygon ecosystem. This is in progress as of now.
  • Uniflux (Previously BlockSoc DAO): student-based community currently onboarding their members onto the platform. We developed a custom ‘Courses’ section for them.
  • IndiGG - a gaming guild willing to manage all their sub-guilds on the DAO Manager.
  1. We actually started off as an onboarding platform. Eg- https://app.daolens.com/herdaosserver/new
    For which we developed a Discord Bot as well.

For the use case of Giveth, happy to connect and chat about how the Community is currently using the Praise BOT. After understanding the feasibility, happy to take up a custom development of the same.

I agree that migrating onto such a new platform can be a substantial thing.
But I always suggest migrating one step at a time. Like first taking your bounties live on the page or maybe just use it for Snapshot voting first.
Once the community starts to get a hang of it, folks themselves will start putting up bounties, discussion posts, etc. on the platform.

Happy to have further chats on this. Looking forward to it! :raised_hands:

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Thanks @Amenek.eth for the detailed response.

In my opinion, I think it’s in the best interest of Giveth to wait until DAO manager has fully developed plugins to migrate our documentation/institutional history and has more educational onboarding support. I personally, don’t want to be a beta user or test case. There’s too much at stake. I look forward to seeing how DAO Manager grows and evolves, and picking up a conversation when the project has matured with more users and integration.

Hi @hanners717 !
I absolutely agree with this. Giveth is a pretty substantial community and it should not be operating on a Beta platform.

But tbh, we have a roadmap that might/might not be in alignment with Giveth’s requirements. So I went to have a chat with my team to understand how much can we tweak our development roadmap here. Happy to say that the team has agreed to take up any custom dev requirements of Giveth.
If there are a few certain features that you think we should develop for easy adoption of the platform by the Giveth community, We are happy to have a chat on the same.

Let me know if you think we should connect on the same lines.
We can probably touch base on Discord and create a group to take the discussion ahead (or any other way you’d prefer).
My Discord is amenek.eth#8984

Looking forward to your thoughts on this!