When creating a snapshot proposal (and the advice about it)

Im thinking to help clarify Voted actions…
while the ‘benefits’ are always posted…

we need to have a ‘what happens thats not so great with and without this passing’

Like… 8.5m giv from givgarden to extend givpower incentives.

if this is NOT passed, incentives stop, ofc, but Gurves takes a back seat, givpower takes a hit (and we promised x) staking goes until x (and other factors)

Why? just reading the DAO ops shrink item… means things that are important to the DAO might not get the funding… if realized, maybe votes differ etc.

(mix of all the votes in one is messy imo) :slight_smile:


I think that’s a good idea. As @mitch & I seem to be the ones making the votes… I’ll tag him here.

Personally, I can try to start doing that w/ the next vote… The info is usually in the the forum post discussion… but it should perhaps be posted explicity in the body of the vote.