Working Group Costs / Contribution hours: monthly stats

We’ve been creating some reports and analysis each month to get to know our working structures and costs better.

If there’s interest, I’m proposing to share some monthly stats around working contribution across the Giveth team in the Governance call. The intention is to create better understanding of how our organisation is structuring itself and facilitate more informed decision-making at an individual, team, group and organisational level.

Some examples of information that could be shared:

  • Total contributor hours per working group
  • Total salary cost for the month per Giveth Circle
  • A comparison between total hours worked and total hours projected in role proposals per working group

A quick poll below to signal interest:

  • Yes, this is of interest to me – please share in Governance call
  • No, stats make my eyes glaze over – I prefer to use the Gov call time for other things
  • I’d like some different info – see comments below

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Please add your thoughts and comments :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for this great initiative Claire! I support this.

I believe it would also be helpful to see a list of actual hours worked by all contributors per month, and if possible - detailed by WG if such is requested. This is helpful when others give peer feedback since the stewards and teammates can evaluate whether the hours declared is commensurate to the contributions done.


I think stats are certainly helpful for organization reviews. Would this be a monthly review? With an accompanied document? I think the GIVernance call has enough time. Lately, we have been ending early.


I support this proposal. Thanks for bringing this up @clara_gr

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Thanks @hanners717
I plan to put together a slide with some charts with some supporting comments.

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This delicate issue must really be treated with care. Workplace surveillance and monitoring can easily become dystopian.

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Indeed! I agree with this @Suga.

I also just want to share that based on our experience, we had multiple instances where contributors over charged Giveth because no one actually reviewed or checked the hours, and Giveth just paid outright since we trust our people that much. We may not really look into these individual hourly reports extensively, but it’s good to have this so all of us can be more responsible in accurately reporting and have some sense of accountability.

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