About the Giveth Proposals category

This category is for proposals looking for support, feedback and/or funding from Giveth. Anyone in the community can create a proposal, however there are some considerations to make:

  • Proposals ideally have a clearly defined intention defined that outline actions to be taken, potential consequences and funds requested (if applicable).
  • We adhere to a Community Covenant which is our main reference point for any disputes or contentions.
  • We use Advice Process to gather feedback and refine proposals.
  • Proposals must remain on the forum, open for Advice Process, for a minimum of 5 days.

If all conditions have been met, including time requirements for Advice Process, proposals can move on into either the GIVgarden or the rDAO for voting. In order to participate in these Governance platforms you must hold either GIV or nrGIV, respectively. All Giveth Governance platforms are deployed on xDai network. For more information refer to our Governance Process.

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