Angel Vault Launch Giveaway

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

This proposal is for Giveth’s share on the prizes for the Giveth Angel Vault launch giveaway.

Proposal Rationale

To promote the Angel Vault launch, Giveth and ICHI hosted a giveaway. More details here. The winner was announced during the Twitter spaces AMA hosted by ICHI.

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: 6,080.0366384621 GIV

$300 requested
GIVprice - 0.04934180792632247
Block Number - 23848224
300 ÷ 0.04934180792632247
6080.0366384621 GIV requested

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

Raffle Winner - $100 GIV - 0x6b94138781772BcbB34FeF5bF6CA3dcFC549fa25

Meme Winner #1 - $100 GIV - 0xe64113140960528f6AF928d7cA4f45d192286a7a

Bonus Winner - $100 GIV - 0xc18561F56EA582710bc80A18D0c0d03dCE073c45

Vote is up in Aragon. Please vote!